Orange Business Services customers have access to Smart Tracking by TrackGPS

The partnership between AROBS and Orange Business Services started with launching the TrackGPS  telematics and fleet management solution on the software development Romanian market more than 15 years ago. The partnership is based on a history of significant joint projects in which both companies have invested. The most important and most recent joint project is Smart Tracking – the fleet management solution provided by the TrackGPS division. It is adapted for the Orange Business Services customers, both corporate and SMEs, according to the solution as a service model.

Through Smart Tracking, Orange Business Services customers have access to the fleet management solution offered by the leader of the Romanian market.

TrackGPS  provides access to professional solutions to improve operational efficiency through fleet management. Benefits of the Smart Tracking project include advanced fuel management solutions, driver behavior monitoring, safety, and security to reduce and prevent accidents.

Customers will have more control over the costs involved, and the fleet’s operating life will increase, both having a significant impact on the company’s financial health.

The application provides valuable information that allows customers to control fleet costs. Also, the fleet’s service duration will increase, having a positive impact on the company’s operational efficiency.

Smart Tracking and the most important and recent fleet management partnership

The partnership between the two companies is based on several joint projects, the most important being:

  1. The Business Wi-Fi Mobile solution launched in 2018 provides WI-FI in public transportation, both in the public and private systems. The solution is present at the national level and in important municipalities – Iasi, Timisoara, etc. One of the AROBS teams provides the equipment and installation, maintenance, and support services.
  2. The AROBS Group, through the fleet management division of TrackGPS and SAS Grup – Alarma, is the largest customer of Orange Business Services, in the automotive segment, for M2M SIMs – machine to machine.
  3. TrackGPS has implemented a modern contact center with the help of Orange solutions. The contact center provides support, sales, and scheduling installations for thousands of TrackGPS customers.
  4. For the consolidation of TrackGPS’s position in the fleet management market in the Republic of Moldova, AROBS has the support and continuous collaboration of the Orange Business Services subsidiary there.
  5. Orange is a client of SAS Grup, the fleet management company that joined AROBS Group in 2019, and it uses our SASFleet fleet management solution.

More Than Just Fleet Management

This is a valuable partnership for the AROBS Group, with multiple business lines, such as software services and embedded software services, fleet management, business optimization solutions, contactless payment solutions, and human resources management solutions.

The diversity of our services and solutions allows us to be agile in launching new market segments or new geographies, and a partner like Orange Business Services is a big plus.

AROBS has been operating in the fleet management market since April 2006, when the signing of the first contract with the first client took place.

Through its fleet management business line, primarily through the TrackGPS solution, AROBS is the leading provider of this type of complex service in the Romanian market.

Through its acquisitions and market consolidations, AROBS is among the relevant players in Central and Eastern Europe. More than 10,000 customers – companies, organizations, public institutions – from several countries in Europe and Asia (Indonesia) – use our fleet management solutions daily.

The fleet management business is essential for the AROBS Group. The business lines strategic directions are focused on further consolidating in the market, in the Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Indonesia; identifying and launching in new geographies; continued investment in research and development; launching new, more complex, easier-to-use versions that optimize both the financial and time resources of fleet managers, as well as the implementation of new solutions that add value to users, and tangible benefits to the ecosystem, and communities in general.

TrackGPS will continue to invest this year in developing new solutions and facilities for safe driving and green driving and monitoring solutions for electric cars – specific elements of IoT and sustainable transport.

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