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Innovative Projects

Innovation HUB was created to work on out-of-the-box and innovative projects, for custom solutions

AROBS Innovation HUB for Innovative Projects: any custom project will come to life in our laboratory for research and development. The ability to encourage innovative projects from within the entire organization is crucial. Since 1998, AROBS has had a long-term perspective featuring the development of long-term innovative IT. Working closely with teams, clients and public authorities, we’ve seen the importance of generating and capturing new ideas of software solutions and funnel them into a proof of concepts and products.

Starting with 2014 AROBS decided to create a new division among the existing four, with dedicated resources for research and development of new ideas and technologies.

// A dedicated Research Department for the

Innovation Hub

As an outcome, among a successful track record in handling projects in the private sector, the innovation hub has extensive experience in delivering reliable municipal and national solutions to the public sector in Romania. Furthermore, our innovative projects are supporting the education sector and the smart city concepts by digitizing existing processes and services.

Consulting and Custom Software Development for innovative projects

Coming from a development background, within our innovation hub, we offer consulting services and we provide a 360 degree custom project development.

Custom project development services include application, mobile, web and big data development.

Areas of application: Real Estate and Construction Site Management, Education, Cluster Management Platform,
Learning Management Systems, Fleet Management Platform Add-Ons (TrackGPS extension), Map Administration Portal.

Products: Digital School Books, RateWizz Channel Manager, MedControl Solution, Car Sharing Management
Solution, Cluj Parking – powered by AROBS.

Markets: US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Romania.

Digital School Books

Min-educatieiDigital School Books

AROBS Takes Learning into the Digital Era
Starting with 2014, on the initiative of the Ministry of National Education, digital textbooks were mandatory for the first and second grade.

AROBS Transilvania Software has partnered with a major publishing house to produce electronic textbooks. The educational tablets  will have pre-installed, interactive applications, which will help the children to strenghten or to summarize the knowledge acquired at school. Furthermore, they will also help the parents to keep a track of the childrens’s academic progress.

Because the printing costs are eliminated, these electronic manuals and the tablets provided by AROBS would lead to substantial savings. Moreover, AROBS owns the brand Smailo, known for navigation systems, the Android tablets and video and cameras.

557,000 manuals delivered in 2017
336,000 manuals delivered in 2018
 2,363,798 total manuals delivered

By investing in the most precious of all resources, the children, we stand by our corporate values and we state our commitment to playing our part in giving back to the local community.



RateWizz Channel Manager is a cloud based white label solution that can be integrated with any property management software (PMS), allowing the hoteliers to manage all channels from a central point.

+200 hotels already use RateWizz 
5 integrated PMS’ 
Clients: EU, US

Main functionalities:

  • Full two way integration of leading Online Travel Agencies (OTA)
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Central Reservation Systems (CRS)
  • Full two way integration of Property Management Systems (PMS) 
MedControl Solution

medcontrolMedControl Solution

AROBS helped develop the MedControl platform and we are consultants and distributors of MedControl Solution.

The solution offers remote medical control system for a large part of the population.


– in collaboration with TrackGPS

Fleet4Share enables the optimization; scheduling of the company’s fleet, an innovative and flexible fleet management product dedicated to Romanian companies.

Benefits of Fleet4Share:

  • based on a platform and in-car technology, integrated with TrackGPS by AROBS
  • saves time and money
  • facilitates the work of you employees and fleet managers
  • it can be tailored to the needs of every business, regardless of the size of the fleet or its geographic location.
Cluj Parking – powered by AROBS

Cluj Parking – powered by AROBS

Launched in 2017, the Cluj Parking App is created for Cluj-Napoca City Hall and developed in partnership with AROBS Transilvania Software.

The application monitors all available parking spaces in the center of Cluj-Napoca. Cluj Parking is the only and  the easiest way to check the availability of parking places in the parking lots in Cluj-Napoca. With an easy-to-use interface, the mobile app is available for iOS operating systems.


Easy Parking is an advanced automatic access control system for parking lots. Our module uses the latest image recognition AI to ensure hassle free and secure parking, granting the access with the scan of the car’s license plate.
Furthermore, system can be easily integrated with the existing parking systems and provides modern mobile and web-based remote control administration tools.

Key Features:

  • Automatic registration plate recognition system
  • Exterior parking information panel
  • Integrated web management system

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