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AROBS Group extended its software services portfolio in the Intelligent Automation market through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

The 100+ team of experts gathered under the Future WorkForce brand develop Intelligent Automation solutions that use the latest RPA (UiPath, Microsoft, Celonis, Outsystems ), AI, and ML technologies to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing your company to focus on added-value activities. The teams are in Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the UK.

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Intelligent Automation is becoming vital in today’s business landscape as organizations seek to simplify operations and reduce costs, all while increasing the efficiency of their teams. For AROBS Group, becoming a reference for technology and software services is a significant part of our growth strategy: developing new areas of expertise for software services and acquisitions by integrating existing players operating in complementary industries, which allows synergies and easy integration.

We are present in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Romania in the Intelligent Automation market. Our team’s strengths, resources, and knowledge shape the future of automation and drive transformative change for our clients and partners.

// Intelligently Automate your business processes

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Intelligent Automation Solutions Made for Your Business

According to a study conducted by Deloitte, organizations expect to reduce costs by 31% in the following three years by implementing intelligent automation. Moreover, the study found that a financial organization reduced costs by 70% by using the right combination of intelligent automation tools.
The industry has witnessed a significant leap in innovation. Our portfolio already showcases numerous successful projects that highlight our commitment to staying at the top of technology.

Our expertise

Intelligent Automation should not be restricted to a single technology or system. Using this convergence of technologies, you can dramatically increase our customer’s business value and competitive advantage.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology automates company processes, allowing error-free execution and continuous operation. It performs various tasks like file management, data extraction, and email sending. RPA reduces costs and eliminates human errors, making it a cost-effective solution without custom applications or complex system integration. By handling repetitive tasks, RPA improves the work environment for employees, enabling them to focus on more essential and intellectual activities like customer service and innovation.   

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), software robots can analyze historical and present data to learn how workers perform tasks. The robot will track clicks, mouse moves, and actions. The bot can finish the process as soon as enough data has been analyzed. Using intelligent and self-learning bots to execute procedures involving unstructured data or parameter alterations is more beneficial.  

In collaboration with our partners, Soroco, we can now implement complex projects that unlock actionable insights from user interaction data by combining Process Mining and Task Mining. The task mining process will automatically extract actionable insights from non-structured data. On the other hand, process mining helps businesses understand how people interact with an application by using data from events logs or other sources to build a model of the activity flow within the system.

// Intelligently Automate your business processes

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Case studies


Initial Challenges: Every month, the financial manager uploaded files into a BI tool that generated accounts payable and receivable reports for over 255 locations.   
Our solutions: The process is divided into two steps. First, the software robot retrieves, stores, and loads ERP files into the BI tool. A second step involves emailing the archived AR/AP files to all 255 locations. As a final step, the financial manager receives an email confirmation of the successful processing. 
Final takeaways after process automation: The team spent more time on higher-level tasks instead of spending approximately seven days/month sending reports.

Supply chain

Initial Challenges: employees must process a large number of non-stock purchase orders every day. After receiving the request, it takes hours to log and approve the information via email. 
Our solutions: A three-step robotic process automation process - the requests are made via email box; a software robot logs the request and sends the email request for approval to finance. Lastly, an automatic software robot monitors approval and rejection emails and alerts the requestor when needed.     
Final takeaways after process automation: save approximately 30 person days of work/year; a more straightforward approval process  


Initial Challenges: the client had to process 300 claim files every day. The task was performed by 6 employees, each file taking, on average, 11 minutes to operate, making it a high volume, repetitive and tiring process. The procedure involved multiple screen swaps, document reading, and structured information with pre-determined rules.
Our solutions: provided the use of unattended robots that run 4 hours per day to do the data collection, validation, and to monitor if there were any errors outside standard working hours, enabling Claim Inspectors to resolve key issues and exceptions during their workday.
Final takeaways after process automation: The use of new digital employees reduced the average time of handling a document from 11 minutes to 1.7 minutes/transaction, reaching a level of automation for this process of 95%.


Initial Challenges: Every order took our client about 5 minutes to process, which was 200 orders/day.
Our solutions: In order to solve the problem, we proposed the use of attended robots that can run on demand. Humans only had to input Order ID as a trigger for the robot to begin working.
Final takeaways after process automation: Process automation results in faster confirmation and shipping of orders, increased capacity after AHT(average handle time) reduction, and 99 % of the effort was automated.

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Our Intelligent Automation journey started in 2018 with CoSo by AROBS.


CoSo’s journey started as a small software development company that has grown into a powerhouse in the industry. With a remarkable client portfolio spanning logistics, finance, human resources, and supply chain, CoSo has delivered exceptional results in Intelligent Automation. In 2018, CoSo joined AROBS Group.

Our expertise helps our clients reach new heights and brings them new opportunities. We support them in optimizing time and effort by delivering a complete business automation solution. With more than 27 years of experience in software development, CoSo by AROBS has a highly skilled team of RPA experts in The Netherlands and Belgium.


AROBS Group Intelligent Automation team is now 100+ stronger.

Following the takeover of the Future WorkForce Global (FWF) group from Cluj-Napoca, which specializes in providing complex business process automation solutions, our Automation expertise is now 100+ more substantial.
Read more about the acquisition here

The CoSo and FWF teams quickly converged and are now working under the Future WorkForce brand. This step propelled the synergies between the companies. It enabled us to combine our teams’ strengths, resources, and knowledge, resulting in an exceptional ability to deliver superior solutions for our clients. Read more about it in the official announcement here.


Reach your business's full potential.

With the proper use of technology, innovation can flourish. We specialize in developing Intelligent Automation solutions using technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation.

We aim to get your business to its highest potential, and that’s why our specialists will assist you through every step of the process in understanding and identifying the most suitable automation solutions for your business. As soon as productivity and workload have been optimized, we can start planning the implementation roadmap for automation.

We use RPA, AI, and Machine Learning to automate business procedures.
The support team will assist you in managing your digital workforce, recovering from failures, managing risk, and finding new opportunities for Intelligent Automation.

// Elevate your business productivity with Intelligent Automation!

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