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A Full Range of Services

In over 20 years of designing software using cutting-edge technology, AROBS Engineering (formerly known as Enea Software Romania and IpDevel) has earned its reputation for quality and innovation. Our teams use their experience in the service of our clients, helping them achieve fast and stable transformation in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We help customers protect their infrastructure by taking their IT operations to the highest possible level. AROBS Engineering accompanies its partners through every step of the project development, from design and strategy to tactical and operational actions.

We have extensive expertise of over 20 years in embedded technologies and systems for:

AROBS Engineering has been part of the AROBS Group since June 2022. We are more than just a team; we are partners in delivering excellent engineering services using embedded technologies.
AROBS Engineering is headquartered in Bucharest, with offices in Iasi, Craiova, and Florida – USA.

AROBS is a global software provider with international clients in Europe, the United States, and Asia.
It is the largest tech company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

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AROBS Engineering Engagement Model

AROBS Engineering works based on flexible business and delivery models, offering our clients a head start in innovation and differentiation.

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A Mature and Agile Delivery Model

Working with AROBS Engineering provides you access to highly specialized engineers with a significant background in global projects.

Our partners achieve rapid progress in software development projects thanks to our technological expertise and radical time-to-market optimization. We can design and develop software solutions with optimal features.

Capacity and Expertise

AROBS Engineering has a significant experience in embedded engineering and software development of highly challenging systems. First, we are operating systems experts and have a solid knowledge of hardware dependencies and optimizations of both applications and hardware.

  • Hardware Platforms and Real-time Operating Systems
  • Product Software Research & Development Platforms
  • Embedded & Enterprise Applications
  • Professional Embedded Software Development Services
  • Scale and Longevity

AROBS Engineering can quickly scale from smaller teams to complete
strategic partnerships depending on the project complexity.

We focus on:

Strategic Technical Partnerships that will ensure:

  • Long-term technical alignment
  • Shared know-how
  • Risk-sharing
  • High Performance
  • KPI-driven delivery

Managed Services Solutions that will offer:

  • Dedicated Research and Development teams
  • Teams working seamlessly with the partners’ organization
  • Transparency & Flexibility

Software Development Services

  • Accelerated R&D
  • Improving access to resources
  • Providing higher ROI on R&D investments

Prompt scalability

AROBS Engineering has a proven onboarding model, ensuring efficient and dynamic resource allocation.

Proven delivery model

AROBS Engineering has more than ten years of experience with the Bridged Services model, used at scale since 2008. Our Bridged Services model integrates customer interfaces with remote R&D engineering units for time and cost-efficiency.

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Software Development Services

AROBS Engineering provides timely access to skilled engineering resources, program and project management capabilities, mutually beneficial long-term partnerships, and the highest quality standards - across multiple locations and industries.

arobs engineering

Embedded Development

With 20+ years of experience developing software platforms, AROBS Engineering's embedded software development experts will support your software throughout the product life cycle. We will work with you from software design and architecture, development, porting, and integration to validation and quality assurance so that you can focus on your application to deliver the most value to your customers.

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Testing and Validation

Our testing and QA engineers have the expertise to perform rigorous tests and controls to ensure your products' timely delivery and high quality. Their competencies include:
• Testing and validation database-specific application development.
• Security frameworks for operating systems.
• Distributed software applications development.
• JSON software development.