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Biomedical Software Engineering with our experts from Berg Software

Our colleagues from Berg Software are highly specialized in projects for the Biomedical Software Engineering sector, specifically in Lab automation, Automated Liquid Handling, and Product Improvement. Our team collaborated and helped develop sophisticated software development assignments for internationally renowned pharma and medical organizations.

Precision & speed at the core of the biomedical services

Our main priority is to deliver custom software solutions that eradicate the risks associated with manual handling, supplying fast and precise outcomes.

Berg Software specializes in developing software solutions that optimize laboratory workflows, automate liquid handling processes, and improve product quality. The team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable its clients to succeed in the biomedical field. Learn more about our expertise in developing medical software

Whitepaper Life Sciences V2 - Empowering Healthcare Through Technology
// Empowering Healthcare Through Technology. The Path to Secure and Efficient Processes

Medical Technology Whitepaper V 2.0 2024

Clinical laboratories become more efficient as manual operations are replaced by automation tools. This technological shift minimizes the risk of human errors and provides enhanced efficiency and precision in various clinical processes. Explore laboratory innovation in our whitepaper and discover its place in modern healthcare.

The whitepaper presents the impact of technological advancements on the future of healthcare, focusing on main health concerns, medical software innovation, security standards, and proof of healthcare evolution through case studies.

Berg Software is committed to providing high-quality biomedical engineering solutions tailor-made for clinical laboratories. Solutions like lab automation and automated liquid handling optimize laboratory processes, streamline operations, and ensure the reliability of results, ultimately translating into improved patient care and research outcomes.

Download the whitepaper and get inspired to propel your laboratory towards greater efficiency, reduced errors, and elevated patient care standards!

    How can you streamline your healthcare and medical processes?

    Find the answer in the most recent version of our whitepaper! Discover valuable insights from our colleagues’ expertise in intelligent automation for healthcare. Download Empowering Healthcare Through Technology V 2.0 now!



    Secured Biomedical Software Engineering

    At Berg, we specialize in visionary projects tailored for the Biomedical sector, focusing on Lab Automation, Automated Liquid Handling, and Product Improvement. Beyond technological advancements, our adept team places a premium on safety and security, intricately weaving protective measures into each development phase. We adhere to industry standards and certifications, ensuring our solutions meet the security benchmarks. By emphasizing secure practices in our projects, we innovate in lab automation, automated liquid handling, and product improvement, and we deliver safe and stable solutions for the biomedical field.

    More than 12 years of know-how in Biomedical Software Engineering

    For more than 12 years, we have performed assignments that permitted our customers to present excellent services. We continuously explore the industry’s need for development and strive to create complex biomedical software solutions. We use up-to-date technologies and industry expertise to deliver clinical laboratories customized solutions for their precise requirements.

    Berg Software International portfolio

    We build our expertise by collaborating with key industry global players on creating elaborate biomedical software engineering procedures. Our portfolio is built around long-term business relations with counterparts from Germany and the entire DACH region.

    Are you looking for experts in biomedical solutions?

    Our expertise


    Lab Automation

    We perform elaborate lab automation solutions for companies in the biomedical industry, allowing them to overcome the challenges of the industry’s fast-paced conditions. Lab automation enhances clinical procedures, obtaining more speed and quality. Advanced clinical automation software seriously decreases the number of manual, repetitive jobs, improves the precision of results, improves the pace, and reduces expenses.

    We are experts in developing:

    Are you looking for experts in biomedical solutions?

    Automated Liquid Handling

    It would be best if you considered our team when planning on automating complex laboratory workflows using an Automated Liquid Handling solution. Reducing manual tasks such as, for example, manual pipetting reduces the risks of errors. Other benefits are workflow reproducibility, enhanced tracking, less hands-on time, and more accurate control over samples. We are apprehensive that every medical laboratory has to deal with specific challenges. Our experts can create custom solutions tailored to your particular requirements and priorities

    We are experts on projects such as:

    Product Improvement

    We strongly believe constant product improvement is vital for keeping up with the industry’s tendencies and ideals. If you already own automated software solutions for your medical labs and the prospect of expanding your capacities, our team can assist.

    We examine, enhance, and blend your current software solutions.