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Everything that moves around us is embedded.

Our embedded software development & embedded software services expertise is based on over 20 years of excellence in global projects developed with partners in Europe and USA.

AROBS‘ teams of experts are fully committed to delivering complex solutions for all tech challenges of the global industry.

Our embedded software development and services expertise relies on:


Our approach in delivering Embedded software services is based on using the following tools and processes:

  • V-model or Agile development process, requirement engineering, SW architecture, code construction, software integration, software and system testing and quality management for embedded software services.
  • Experience with the latest Renesas and NXP automotive micro-controllers
  • Experience with a large range of compilers including Green Hills and IAR
  • Applications development in the “C” language
  • Experience with Renesas / iSystem emulators and debugging tools
  • Experience with Vector CAN / LIN tools
  • Configuration and integration of OSEK and Linux based OS
  • Manual / automated software and system testing using IBM RTR, NI TestStand or custom tools
  • Our embedded software development activity is compliant with the following industry standards: ISO26262, AUTOSAR, Automotive SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504).
  • Our software custom solutions for components use the AUTOSAR architecture and the integration and configuration of flash bootloaders.

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We offer state-of-the-art engineering services for hardware and software integration projects. The key to success is the
all-rounded team of experts, which includes automotive software engineers, embedded software development, and maintenance
experts. Learn more about our Automotive engineering expertise.

Our embedded software services specialists work on projects as:

Autonomous vehicles

  • Our embedded software services incorporate vehicular automation, being, in fact, a ground vehicle that senses its environment and moves
    safely with little or no human input.
ADAS (advanced driving assistance system)

Electronic control units: being the brain of the vehicle, the ADAS ECU has raw data processing capabilities gathered from multiple sources including cameras, short- and long-range radar, lidar, ultrasound sensors, and map data.

Long and short-range radars

Long Range Radars are supporting features as Emergency Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, meanwhile Short-Range-Radars are for Blind-Spot-Detection, Rear- Cross-Traffic-Alert and Lane-Change-Assist 

Stereo cameras

In ADAS, applications use cameras for vision systems such as forward-, rear- and side-mounted cameras for pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, blind spots, and lane detect systems. Intelligent adaptive cruise control systems are fused from radar data and camera sensors, especially for complex scenarios such as city traffic, curvy non-straight roads, or higher speeds. 


  • An important part of the embedded software development is represented by hybrid-electrical vehicles/ EV: The automotive electrification designs has created an emerging technology for new propulsion systems such as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or electrical vehicles (EV). High-quality embedded software services are a powerful pillar for HEV and EV progress.
Power Train

Read more about it in our post here Power Train - engine systems

Power Switch

The switch will cut-off the battery power from the system circuit when maintaining hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, electric cars, and hybrid construction machinery, etc. 

High voltage platforms

The foundation for HEV/EV architectures is high voltage battery systems, such as +400V for EVs and 48V for HEVs. 


BMS is an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery to ensure it operates safely and efficiently

DC-DC converters

DC-DC converters are high-frequency power conversion circuits that use high-frequency switching and inductors, transformers, and capacitors to smooth out switching noise into regulated DC voltages.  


The invertor takes the high-voltage, high-current DC electricity from the batteries and convert it to AC electricity for the motor.  

The Belt Starter Generator (BSG)

The Belt Starter Generator (BSG) combined with the internal combustion engine (ICE) creates a Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV), and this hybrid power solution creates new opportunities for cost-efficient mass hybridization

Connectivity and telematics | Embedded Software Development


A telematic control unit (TCU) is the embedded system that connects the vehicle to cloud services or other vehicles via  Vehicle-to everything (V2X) standards. It gathers telemetry data from the vehicle (position, speed, engine data, connectivity and many more) through interfacing with various sub-systems over data and control busses in the vehicle. 



Telematics <br />units

An intelligent antenna is the central multi-antenna access point that receives and shares information with the infrastructure, other vehicles, smartphones, and the cellular networks.



Intelligent<br /> antennas

The cloud collects, process and assignes infrastructure data, map data, data from other vehicles or third-party vendors. The data is transmitted as information for the driver or the vehicle systems at the correct receivers.


Car to cloud

Car to cloud <br />communication

It allows drivers and passengers to place devices in a designated area, where they will be charged wireless. This technology is highly focused on efficiency.



Wireless <br />chargers

Embedded software services for Infotainment Systems


The purpose of a display is to present real-time information, therefore, the driver will have access to precise and relevant data at any given point in time and in the current driving situation.



Instrument <br />cluster

The in-vehicle multimedia system is formed by many devices concerned with a vehicle’s delivery of information and entertainment content to its end user.




Also known as HUD, it is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. Read more about it in our post here




Head-Up <br />Displays

Read more about it in our post here




Secondary <br />Displays

Domain Control Modules / Zone controllers

Power computing

It controls the entire E/E architecture from the vehicle to the cloud (hardware and system integration etc.).

Body control module

It combines many functions and controls all the vehicle's electronic basis, comfort and security functions. 

Gateway ECUs

Read more about it in our post here Gateway ECU

Door Control ECU

It controls Central Locking, Window Winders as well as Mirror Adjustment.  

Power closure ECUs and Automatic tailgate modules

It controls various elements as windows, sunroofs, convertible roofs, liftgates, trunk lids and sliding doors. 

Access Control Systems | Embedded Software Development

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC has a limited range of around 10 cm, which makes it nearly impossible that the data to be captured without authorization.

Bluetooth Low

The technology enables consumers to use their Bluetooth low
energy-equipped devices to manage
applications for in-vehicle control,
personalized infotainment, vehicle
diagnostics, car access, vehicle sharing and piloted parking authorization.

Passive Start and Entry Systems (PASE)

The vehicle’s system reads the
matching PASE key when in
proximity, it starts systems, adjusts
customized settings, and opens the
vehicle, for maximum convenience
for the driver.

Remote keyless entry system (RKE)

The comfort closing systems increases not only the comfort, it also secure the cabin, but also the persons and the goods in the vehicle.

Testing equipment production & Sensors and Safety Systems | Embedded Software Services


TSW is an embedded test code running on the internal combustion engines ECUs for production tests, verification and validation during development.




The systems delegate the permanent change of high and low beam to your ‘electronic co-pilot’, for best visibility and safety.


Car lighting

Car lighting <br />systems

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors, in real-time, the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on vehicles. The system is a very important part of the safety systems in today vehicles. 


Tires pressure monitoring systems

Tires pressure monitoring systems

The in-car radars are combined with intelligent algorithms, and with the support of an miniaturized interior camera, will increase the safety for the persons in the cars


In – cabin

In – cabin<br /> radar

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Without the embedded software development specialists, there will be no Industry 4.0.
Embedded software and systems are critical in opening the doors to the next industrial revolution.
IIoT, or industrial IoT or Industry 4.0, is a subset of IoT that focuses on industrial applications for transportation, manufacturing,
and energy. IIoT is more complex and requires greater interoperability and security protocols.

We deliver embedded software services for the following 4.0 Industries:

  • Energy

Remote control and sensors for water, gas, and utility meters readings; connecting the solar photovoltaic panel to power
Wi-Fi-enabled metering devices; oil metering; automated valve operations; energy consumption monitoring.

  • Healthcare

Systems based on sensors, actuators, monitors, detectors, camera systems that collect data from patients, doctors, and
healthcare institution, for optimum analysis.

  • Manufacturing

RFID and barcode application; robotics integration; product sorting and tracking.

  • Smart Agriculture and Forestry

Agricultural automation, irrigation; Connections to aerial or submersible vehicles; GPS and satellite-guided fertilization,
planting and harvesting.

The Forestry Management Software: a platform for improved efficiency, visibility and control at each stage of the forest. Smart farming, but for trees. The Forestry Software Solution is a complete niche smart farming product that integrates the entire activity process of any forestry company. As a web-based service, it can be scaled anywhere in the world, in any related industry, that desires to apply a smart farming approach.
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  • Mining

Intelligent environment monitoring and climate control: HVAC, energy management, humidity, particulate, and radiation
monitoring/control; shock/vibration measuring and measurement.

  • Retail, Transportation and Logistics

Embedded software development specialists develop systems based on sensors, actuators, monitors, detectors, camera systems that collect data from patients, doctors, and healthcare institution, for optimum analysis.

  • Manufacturing

RFID and barcode application; robotics integration; product sorting and tracking.

  • Smart Agriculture and Forestry

supply chain management; warehouse picking and packing; shipping/transportation management; inventory control.

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Domotics, also known as home automation, is an industrial automation area specializing in remote control of private or public properties. Home automation systems allows full control every indoor object, from doors to the temperature based on the systems created by embedded software development experts.

We have the knowledge and the expertise to deliver embedded software services for the following:

Smart <br />Lighting Systems
Lighting Systems

Smart <br />Speakers

HVAC <br />Control

Smart Thermostat, Smart Vents, Smart Air-Conditioner.

Security & <br />Monitoring Systems
Security &
Monitoring Systems

Security Cameras, Interface, Smart Locks and Access Controls, Smoke detectors.

Smart Entertainment Systems
Smart Entertainment Systems

Smart Home Appliances
Smart Home Appliances

Smart Washing Machines, Smart Water Heaters, Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.

Smart Kitchen <br />Appliances
Smart Kitchen

Smart Refrigerators, Smart Coffee Makers, Smart Dishwashers, Smart Ovens.

Smart Home <br />Healthcare Systems
Smart Home
Healthcare Systems

Smart <br />Furniture

Sofas & Recliners, Smart Tables & Desks.

AROBS is the embedded software development partner for one of the most renowned smart appliances companies in the region. The aim of this project is to develop a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner, with a more accessible price. The robot vacuum cleaner equips a Lidar, infra-red, and mono- and stereo- camera,
used by the robot to generate maps, 2D and 3D, in the unknown environment of any room. Once map
is generated, the robot will localize its position based on the map and robot will clean the room
according to the navigation path.

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Innovative city projects cannot exist without the help of embedded software services specialists. A smart city is a community that employs information and communication technology to create responsive and efficient public services. The smart city uses data to ensure that the entire network of public utilities (transportation in general, public roads, electricity, waste management, green areas management and many other important services), is working ecologically and efficiently.

We have the expertise to deliver embedded systems and software for numerous smart city projects.

embedded software development Smart city projects

Embedded software services leading smart transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) consists of a plethora of embedded software development technologies used to monitor, evaluate, and coordinate efficient, safe, and durable transportation.

A transportation system becomes smart when encompasses management, efficiency, ecology, and safety. It uses new and emerging technologies to make transport around a city or a region easier and safer for the population, more eco-friendly for the community and efficient for the public local government.

Smart co-drive project:The SmartCoDrive project aims to increase the road traffic safety, road traffic
mobility, quality of driving and will reduce fuel consumption and pollution by providing a universal
and portable solution for advanced driving assistance systems, based on a cooperative approach,
and using the advanced and increasing capabilities of the smart phone type devices.
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Smart waste management solutions

Smart waste focuses on solving urban waste management challenges using smart devices (intelligent bins, garbage truck weighing mechanisms, etc.) equipped with waste level sensors, intelligent monitoring systems, and mobile applications.
Smart bins
The “smart bin” transfers information on the level of the waste and ensure that the collection process is put in motion only when it is at total capacity, helping to reduce traffic congestion with cleaner air and safer streets.
From the community perspective, the “smart bins” – besides their financial and ecological advantages – help raise public awareness on street sanitation and recycling. Thus, embedded software development contributes not only to a more functional world, but also to a more environment friendly one.

Smart public lighting

Every light source in a city is controlled and monitored when a smart public lighting system is implemented with the help of custom-made solutions created by embedded software development teams. Smart controllers are deployed to every source of light, for dynamic ON/OFF/dimming control depending on the time of the day or traffic and for awareness.
The public administration will gain reduced operational costs, and the community will have safer streets, lower energy costs and a more sustainable way of life.
The next step is to transform the public light poles or other installations into an IoT-ready installation platform, with additional sensors for other smart applications, such as air monitoring systems and many others.

AROBS was a development partner for a project in the home automation area, but one of the first users of this application was a city hall in Finland that used the system to control the public lighting in the town. The system consisted in a desktop and mobile application that let the user control different devices. These devices were simple temperature, pressure or wind monitoring devices or even more complex ones that established a calendar or a timeframe for executing specific actions, some programmable points by the end user. The system could also notify the user when an alarm (fire, water leak, and so on) was triggered or if the devices were not working properly.
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Smart power grids and smart utility meters

A smart power grid plays an important role in helping the sustainability of smart city projects. They will transform the city into a more efficient and eco-conscient consumer, and it will ensure faster restoration of power services after disruptions. For the administration, the benefits are considerable: reduced management and operational costs, improved security measures, and increased integration of renewable energy sources.

The smart utility meters systems are unified platforms that incorporate smart electricity, water and gas meters, smart street lighting, smart waste management and smart public parking among other each other.
The administration will be able to integrate data for different systems and to reduce the financial burden of the public expenses altogether with the optimization of the public services delivery through embedded software services.

Smart air quality monitors

Different dangerous chemicals are always present in any environment, but more frequently in cities. Implementing an Air Quality Monitoring system is the first step to improving air quality in cities worldwide.
The measurement of the air quality is valuable per se. Still, the added value lies in the multiple-use cases that intelligent city administration will profit from on behalf of the community.

The first and most important is solving certain pollution hot spots by using information gathered by the air quality sensors and systems to rethink the traffic to ensure the decongestion of the problematic areas. Administrations will have data for educating the community to change their perspective on traffic and pollution. Moreover, the cities in Europe will need smart air quality systems for compliance to the European Union Air Quality Standards, which are under revision at the beginning of 2022, and with World Health Organization guidelines, published in September 2021.

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AROBS Engineering offers high expertise and consistent background, by the highest certification standards: ESA ECSS and Avionics DO178C/DO254 Level A. We also provide DER services starting with GAP analysis through sign-off, if requested.

Our attributes are:


The maritime industry is developing extremely fast, and adding the latest technological advancements plays a massive role in its evolution and business competition on the global scale. The technology used in the maritime business is often the primary differentiator in our embedded software services.

AROBS Engineering has more than 15 years of experience developing embedded devices for the maritime industry. Our main capability is developing features for multi-functional navigation systems that support marine electronics, including radars, sonars, audio devices, instruments, cameras, and autopilot.


AROBS Engineering has the experience and the knowledge to develop embedded systems for the most sophisticated medical devices on the global market. The complex process of certifying software to comply with today’s medical standards involves reviewing the software design, coding, validation, and verification.

Our teams know how to meet rigorous prerequisites for quality, standards fulfillment, and performance criteria. While working with the top companies in this market, our specialists have deep knowledge of the healthcare industry. 

AROBS Engineering has participated in developing critical medical devices, includinglife-critical infusion pumps, robotic surgery, and cancer detection solutions


We leverage state-of-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and wearables.

Embedded Software Development medical devices

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