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Healthcare software solutions - Life Sciences

Healthcare software solutions – Life Sciences

The Life Sciences and Healthcare Software Solutions division has built its expertise in the past years around long-term collaborations with major companies in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the USA and Canada.  

Shorter way from research to approval

In this time frame, we developed medical and healthcare software solutions that simplify the clinical trial management system’s process for medicines, from research to approval, before reaching the consumer.

Clinical trial processes need optimization

The clinical trial market requires constant optimization. So our goal is to come up with healthcare software solutions that make the methods applied in research more efficient and effective. In other words, we strive to be ahead of the market’s needs and develop custom healthcare software solutions. As a result, this contributed to the successful completion of several large projects.

From complex projects to various apps

Although our path has unfolded mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare software solutions for medical devices and specifically in clinical trial management system, we have also worked on projects that concern the entire health industry. For example, we can mention fitness apps, efficient patient monitoring system, as well as special applications that are crucial for the environment, like the responsible forest management app.

The Life Sciences team has years of experience optimizing clinical trial processes and developing health insurance management systems, which ensure the healthcare ecosystem operates smoothly. AROBS’s expertise includes developing IoT systems for intelligent buildings and providing cybersecurity solutions in various industries. These are essential assets if you are looking to create or expand the capabilities of a smart hospital or healthcare unit. Learn more about our expertise in developing medical software.

Whitepaper Life Sciences V2 - Empowering Healthcare Through Technology
// Empowering Healthcare Through Technology. The Path to Secure and Efficient Processes

Medical Technology Whitepaper V 2.0 2024

Medical institutions can optimize resource allocation, transform patient care practices, and significantly contribute to medical research. Clinical trial management systems are the heart of evolution because they enhance healthcare operations and facilitate medical research processes. Our medical software whitepaper explores the connection between technology and medicine to offer a comprehensive perspective on modern healthcare software solutions.

Our whitepaper elaborates on data management systems while offering a bigger picture of the healthcare landscape. Find out the most recent trends and how medical software and hardware create an interconnected and secured information network. Modern medical infrastructure enables researchers and clinicians to provide faster and more precise results not only in clinical trials but also when it comes to patient care.

With the AROBS Life Sciences team’s extensive experience in developing healthcare software solutions and software products that simplify the clinical trial management process, from initial research to final approval, we are committed to driving progress and innovation. Download our whitepaper to discover the synergy between technology and clinical trials and get inspired to shape the future of healthcare together!

    How can you streamline your healthcare and medical processes?

    Find the answer in the most recent version of our whitepaper! Discover valuable insights from our colleagues’ expertise in intelligent automation for healthcare. Download Empowering Healthcare Through Technology V 2.0 now!



    Secured Software Development for Clinical Trials

    Prioritizing safety is paramount in our Life Sciences projects for Clinical Trials, where handling data with care is a top priority. Our experienced team follows a proactive approach, focusing on security measures at every stage of the development process—from planning and design to coding, testing, and deployment. We stay ahead of evolving cyber threats by fostering a culture of security awareness in all our projects, including healthcare software solutions. Our commitment to continuous improvement includes workshops on the latest security standards, such as ISO 27001:2022, ensuring our team is well-prepared to identify vulnerabilities and adhere to secure coding practices. By focusing on design and default security principles, we mitigate risks and align with industry guidelines, including OWASP, NIST and even special requirements such as HIPAA.

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    Healthcare software solutions for the biggest corporations in the pharmaceutical industry

    Why AROBS for Life Sciences

    Industry Expertise
    Working with large pharmaceutical corporations from the US has given us valuable market insight and expertise in important areas that concern the entire health industry. Thus, we can offer efficient healthcare software solutions based on the highest quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration Compliance and the best technologies applied to this domain.

    Save time
    Healthcare software solutions can save a lot of time when it comes to complicated processes that imply a lot of data, like in the case of  a clinical trial management system.  As a result, developing a healthcare software solution that significantly reduces the time of complex processes leads to efficiency, faster results and competitive advantages on the market.

    Save money
    Furthermore, working with experts in healthcare software development will create the product that will be reducing the time-frame for long and complex processes results in the immediate drop of costs by important percentages. Meanwhile this favors new investments and opportunities in the industry, for your business.

    Featured Products of healthcare software solutions we worked in

    1. Clinical Trial Management System
    This is a customizable Food and Drug Administration compliant software used by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in order to manage the large volumes of data generated during clinical trials. In short, its functionalities lead to the reduction of process time from the research point to the end-consumer by up to 75%.

    2. Cancer Treatment Management
    iPhone and Android app created to replace the classic medical record with a modern, smart system, specifically created for oncology patients. It generates treatment worksheets, calculates dosage, manages drug and supply inventories, monitors outcomes and alerts for critical indicators.

    3. Responsible forest management software
    The software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. In addition to that, the provided solutions improve efficiency and ensure better visibility and control, at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

    The impact of IoT in Healthcare Software

    The predictable merge between IoT and Healthcare Software industry has given birth to Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). A term that comes to define the beneficial connection between the two domains that are shaping the new approach in medicine and Healthcare Software Solutions. The medical field offers a great space of exploration to the IoT technologies. Furthermore, they can gather information from patients and can create algorithms that predict the appearance of possible diseases.

    The impact is even more important, when it comes to creating treatment programs custom made for patients. The advantages of integrating IoT in Healthcare Software bring a lot of benefits to both companies and patients. You have lower expenses if people’s health is monitored constantly with carry-on gadgets, because they don’t need doctor visits that often. They even can be treated at home through telemedicine.

    Such Healthcare Software Solutions allow doctors to collect data in real time about their patients and adapt their treatment along the way. That leads to faster and better results in healing health conditions.

    Even more, establishing the diagnosis in the first place can become a more precise process, with all the segmentation, data and analysis that these new methods of doing Healthcare Software projects bring. We can have better drug management, hospital management, better medical device maintenance and an increase trust in the medical system that can be more reliable in this new context.


    The future of Healthcare Software Solutions: Blockchain

    Piles of files, hours spent completing forms and searching through if you need an information – all these could be transformed into history with the merge of blockchain in the medical system, as an innovative Healthcare Software Solution.

    Patients data, logistic inventory and all the back-office management can all be brought in one place and administrated much simpler. Blockchain technology arises as one of the best Healthcare Software Solution to respond to the challenging medical field.

    The healthcare supply chain is complex and brings together pharmaceutical companies, distributors, manufacturers and has multiple transactions happening as we speak. All the could benefit from the blockchain tracking methods. Everything is recorded and validated, making the data transfer easier.

    The medical personnel enrollment and contracts can have a simplified process once the necessary data is uploaded in real time. Payments, and other financial transfers which are delicate matters can go from manual check to blockchain storage.

    The complex data regarding patients can be held in one place and distributed to third necessary parties while they can keep ownership of their personal data.

    Healthcare Software projects can take a big leap also regarding the need for compliance. The implementation of blockchain would help companies have a better control and track over audits, product recalls, tracking the distribution of products and so on.

    Even so, blockchain can’t be implemented overnight. Still, a good start can be made with small steps and with consideration for the entire ecosystem. This kind of change can impact not only the medical system, but all stakeholders of the healthcare infrastructure.


    2020 and the healthcare industry

    In these difficult times, the Healthcare software industry is an important pylon in the healthcare business as well as for life sciences. Technology is vital for the medical niche needs and impacts economically patient care. So, future trends emerge under the form of healthcare software solutions and predict the changes in medicine and healthcare in 2020. The augmented reality is already playing an important part in training doctors for complex surgery as well as patient treatment. Furthermore, the da Vinci surgical robot is already assisting humans with tasks in the operating room. 3D printing is used by surgeons to replicate patient-specific organs to help prepare for procedures.

    Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help create an individual’s genomic info which is afterwards used to personalize treatment programs and medical attention. A digital twin is a healthcare software solution that consists in a real time replica of something in the physical universe. It can help a physician in deciding the chances for a successful result of a process, make treatment decisions, and manage chronic diseases. 5G can allow the transmission of high imaging documents so experts can review and counsel on maintenance; Moreover, it can permit the usage of AI and Internet of Things technologies.


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