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Careers at AROBS

Choose to be part of more than just a team.

Part of a culture of involvement, constant development, and a long-lasting partnership.

The history of AROBS’ started over 20 years ago, and since then, it has been quite a journey.

We’ve learned that change is the only constant.

Thus, the best approach in everything we engage in is cultivating adaptability through perpetual evolution.

Today, the work environment has become a volatile concept, but our sense of purpose, contribution, and belonging remain a collective quest.

In response to this context, #AROBS strives to be a space of inclusiveness and involvement, where growing people into remarkable specialists is our form of resilience in unprecedented times.

We’re proud to say that we’ve built #MoreThanJustATeam.

We’ve built a community that encourages unanimous growth, creates a space of sharing and implication, and, at the same time, remains open for fresh talents.

We’ve built friendships that lead to deeper collaboration and exceed the professional status outside the office door.

And not least, we’ve built partnerships that align our company and people’s shared values for mutual progress.

Careers at AROBS
All-year-round benefits package

Becoming part of our team comes with a consistent all-year-round benefits package. From free coffee to welcome kits, anniversary presents, Christmas special packages, travel offers and discounts for products, special events, free cooking courses, beer nights, gaming events, team buildings, all-inclusive ski trips, and many more.

Rising star – Career growth program

From intern, developer, project manager, to Business Group Manager – sounds promising? It's not only encouraging, but AROBS is a real example of evolution and consistency. Our Rising Star program nurtures potential and invests in expanding it because we're #MoreThanJustATeam for you. We're here to uphold you on the path of reaching the best version of yourself.

Employee Stock Option Plan

AROBS Transilvania Software is among the few companies with 100% Romanian capital listed on the AeRo market on the Bucharest Stock Exchange that offers an Employer Stock Option Plan, integrated since November 2021, in the benefits program. All employees that work with the AROBS team for at least one year may benefit from a package of free shares options.

Find your place within our team!

Grow your career at AROBS. Become a part of #MoreThanJustATeam.

Be part of a culture of involvement and continuous education, born in the heart of Transylvania anchored in local culture and spirit that values people, community, development, and well-done work.

The workplace is a significant part of our lives. That’s why we rely on constant communication and support. We strive to connect you to the best growth opportunities and face challenges together. Nonetheless, we embrace and encourage an appropriate work-life balance that we all need.

In AROBS, being part of #MoreThanJustATeam means you have a 360-degree perspective for growth. You’ll be able to develop your professional skills, expand your knowledge, and pursue personal passions that we will do our best to nurture.

Your peers can become friends, and your company can become your partner, not just your employer.

We are present in several cities in Romania, such as Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș, Bucharest, Oradea, Arad, Timișoara, Baia Mare, Suceava, Iași. We plan to expand by opening a gate to the IT industry ecosystem in small communities, empowering people with new job opportunities, and building a mindset oriented towards evolution through technology.

You can also reach us at one of our offices worldwide in countries like the Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or Indonesia.

If you’re searching for a rewarding environment where you can be part of #MoreThanJustATeam, discover yourself and fully develop your human potential; join us at AROBS!

Careers at AROBS
// Over 100 opportunities await you in #AROBS.

Choose a new start.
Choose #MoreThanJustAJob.

// We transform businesses

Dare to be part of #MoreThanJustATeam!


We're rooted in the community through our heritage as well as our relentless contribution; We've cultivated a community spirit inside our company, where you feel empowered to pursue your professional and personal passions; As we move on to merging in other communities, we embrace them by creating future opportunities and opening new perspectives.



We're more than 900 employees creating an inclusive culture - we have seven national offices, six international branches, and counting; We stay connected and engage with each other through internal events, sports, or charity initiatives; Most importantly, we treat each other equally by building a bottom-up culture, where everyone's voice is heard.



We like to consider ourselves your partner in growth, career ascension, and business; Thus, we support your passions help you draw and pursue a professional path; Most important, we want you to be part of the company as a partner, not just an employee.


// Looking for #MoreThanJustATeam?

We're here to help you pursue your dream.

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Awards & Distinctions

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Talks about Life

Talks about Life is a concept of events dedicated to self-development and growth for the AROBS #Community. Maintaining a culture of involvement implies discussing topics regarding our work and subjects that preoccupy us daily.

The energy we put into our work comes from a healthy mind and body. Thus, AROBS creates the proper contexts where we discuss ideas, learn, and solve situations we confront in and outside the office.




Motherhood and early stage of parenthood comes with joy, yet also challenges. Often parents can feel disconnected from the company culture while they spend time with the baby at home.
Because we have identified a need to stay connected to what is happening in the company, and we wish to support them through this important stage, we decided to create a community.
A community of mutual support to meet regularly, either for pure socializing or to discuss important family and parenting topics.

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