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AROBS is one of the most important Romanian IT and software company and a reliable partner for software services for industries
as competitive as Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, IoT, Life Sciences, Biomedical Software and Medical devices, Fintech, Aerospace, Maritime, and Enterprise Solutions


AROBS grew to an extended team of 1000+ colleagues and collaborators in three continents. 

AROBS is a global software services and IT company

Considering the rapid pace of software development over the past decade, it is exciting to imagine what the software services industry will be capable of in another ten years’ time.

AROBS started as a local Romanian software company and reached the global level of an IT solution provider of ready-to-use systems and software services based on the latest technologies. With over 20 years of experience in software services, we are a Romanian software company that addresses the IT needs of industries as diverse as travel, automotive, home automation, life sciences, IoT and, enterprise applications. AROBS offers software services using advanced and effective web, mobile, embedded, and cloud solutions, fully-featured IT systems, and IT products.

AROBS Transilvania Software
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Aerospace Engineering

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The Software Services division of AROBS

The Software Services division of our Romanian software company is the largest, and it is structured in two pillars: Automotive and High-Level Industries.

Automotive is itself the most valuable and important specialization, with hundreds of software developers in Romania, Hungary, Moldova. 

Our ability in advanced automotive engineering services extends to software and hardware. Moreover, our projects benefit the know-how, gained working over ten years of software services for top industry brands, from Germany, France, Japan, Romania, China, USA.

Our software engineering teams from AROBS Engineering have an impeccable track record of complex embedded systems for the space and aviation
industry, including complex software solutions for several high-profile ESA space crafts and missions and multiple commercial
airborne FAA Level A attested equipment projects.

Our colleagues from AROBS Engineering primary capability is developing features for multi-functional navigation systems. These systems support marine electronics, including radars, sonars, audio devices, instruments, cameras, and autopilot.

Travel & Hospitality Business Line designed and delivered development services for customers in the USA, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands.

The most exciting projects were on Online Travel Agencies (OTA Software), Corporate booking automation, Cybersecurity and Custom Hotel Channel Integration Software.

The IoT business line has more than ten years of proficiency in delivering IoT systems. Our projects include development services for applications and systems for clients worldwide, from the USA, Finland, Italy, Germany, Canada.

Life Sciences – Healthcare Software Solutions division has built its expertise around long-term collaborations with major pharmaceutical industry companies, from  USA and Canada. We developed medical software that simplifies the clinical trial management system’s process for medicines. Everything, from the research point to the approval, before reaching the consumer.

Our teams from AROBS Engineering provide software development services for designing and implementing complex, steadfast, and
standards-compliant platforms for medical devices.

Our colleagues from Berg Software are highly specialized in projects for the Biomedical Software Engineering sector, specifically in Lab automation, Automated Liquid Handling, and Product Improvement. Our team collaborated and helped develop sophisticated software development assignments for internationally renowned pharma and medical organizations.

Our Enterprises Solution business line has over 20 years of experience in understanding business requirements and turning them into successes. If your idea needs proficiency in cloud-based applications, near-real-time or reactive applications, Big Data, NoSQL, or any other advanced software technology, we are here. Our clients are from USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands. 

Offering financial technology services through collaborative teams for financial institutions and private companies is nothing new for AROBS. Having almost 25 years of experience in software development for multiple industries, translating expertise to the financial market is highly beneficial for partner companies. Therefore, partnering with AROBS is the obvious choice for international banks and financial institutions.

// the processes of software services, from concept to delivery


More than 25 years of experience in the software industry helped us develop robust processes. With each new project, we make sure we are the best possible software services provider for your project. Outsourcing in software services is a highly specific business. Its singular traits come from the fact that we trade skills, innovation, commitment all in an excellent structure, and these assets are in high demand. 


Secured Software Development

Our specialists prioritize safety in every project. We protect the client’s assets from threats by incorporating robust security practices in every software development project. Proactive vigilance is a priority as time passes by. In 2024, the socio-economic challenges and Artificial Intelligence will provide the proper context for increasing and more complex cyberattacks, according to Forbes.

Our team of experienced developers follows secure development practices that integrate security measures at every phase of the software development process. Security is woven into our development methodology from initial planning and design stages to coding, testing, and deployment. This proactive approach mitigates risks and fosters a culture of security awareness among our colleagues and partners.

To ensure that our colleagues take a step forward in front of security threats, we encourage them to focus on continuous improvement and keep pace with the latest security standards. A relevant example is the ISO 27001:2022 standard – recent updates, which includes dedicated controls and requirements related to the secure coding process, were presented to our development teams during Secure Software development workshops for web applications, life sciences, embedded, automotive, and IoT.

Thus, our colleagues are aware of the customer requirements and the newest standards, including:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities commonly encountered in each stage or phase of the software development process (SDLC);
  • Understanding the basic principles of secure coding and hardening, including the concept of security by design and by default, and elements of secure source code writing to avoid vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), buffer overflow, and more;
  • Understanding secure software development guidelines, rules, and tools (e.g., OWASP, MISRA, and NIST) that help write more secure and robust code;
  • Understanding the importance of source code auditing in identifying vulnerabilities and potential security threats in line with standards requirements (ISO 27001:2022);
  • Integrating tools, solutions, and security automation (CI/CD), security testing to cover static and dynamic code analysis (SAST / DAST), identifying, reporting, and fixing code and application vulnerabilities.

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The match

We create business partnerships with our clients, and their success is our success. When the potential client is confident it has chosen a trustworthy partner, it changes its status into “client”. Since custom software projects can take up to 12 years, depending on the industry, trust is one of the main factors. Because we share the success criteria, we consider our clients our business partners.

 In this phase, the legal departments of review the contracts and, if everything is in accordance, the project will start. Since this point, the people involved were marketers, salespeople, and designated board members.

The development and testing

At this point, the ownership will move from the sales and presales team to the delivery team. The project manager, who was part of the presales as well, will receive the resources and mandate to execute the project.   

The business line manager, the project manager, and the business analyst play a crucial role, translating the clients’ conditions to the team. Because it is a complex process, and requirements change along the way, adaptability is key.

Software flexibility is both its greatest strength and weakness. To leverage this amazing strength and avoid the pitfalls, we follow a rigorous development process.

One of the most popular approaches to these fast-changing business requirements is the use of agile development procedures. It advocates for self-organizing, cross-functional teams, encouraging flexible and rapid response to change. AROBS uses more similar tools and even SAFe, which is perfect for a large team and large projects.

Simultaneously to agile, depending on the industry, there are other approaches still in use, like the waterfall and V-model, among others.

Finally, though it is also a circular process, the testers and quality assurers make sure that the software fits the needs of the client.

Here is the recipe AROBS applies to develop and maintain a fruitful collaboration when it comes to IT services.

Project Setup

Finding the best for the client and project needs. According to statistics, 60% of success comes from setup, 30% from the team and 10% from the management.

Team structure

We can deploy an independent team or a customer’s team extension, or based on roles, specialists. These specialized roles include Project Manager, Software Architect, Software engineer, QA Engineer, etc.

Project management 

Depending on the industry for which the software company creates the product, flexibility is the primary concern when choosing a specific approach or procedure, like agile, V-cycle or other methodologies.

Collaboration tools

Several tools can be used for transparency on the evolution of the project. These can be very diverse, from Timesheet Reporting Systems to Source control till Issue tracking systems.

Continuous communication

Since outsourcing destinations are geographically distant from the client, constant communication is a must. It includes on-site meetings, weekly video conference calls, daily meetings.

Engagement model

There is flexibility when it comes to working models as well. Software services can be project-based or time and material.

From concept to delivery, software services are like other ways of doing business just to a point. The business model is different. To respond to the market and clients’ needs, different approaches arise. Through negotiation, matching, signing the contract to delivery, avoiding common mistakes – AROBS, as an IT company, and their partners can achieve a successful collaboration.

The commonality between software services and traditional business models is that it starts at the concept and ends at delivery.

AROBS has the expertise to deliver software services for different businesses and industries and is done exclusively by highly skilled and high-demand people.

There is no shortcut to success, but AROBS, a top Romanian software company, is prepared to take every step possible to ensure the delivery of impeccable services.

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