Our highly specialized teams will help you reach the highest potential of your healthcare organization through medical software. With extensive expertise in clinical trials, biomedical, medical devices, and intelligent automation, the AROBS professionals are ready to help you streamline the processes in your company or institution with custom medical software solutions.

Clinical Trials_Medical Software
Clinical Trials

Extensive pharmaceutical industry expertise
Simplified processes from research to approval
Time-saving solutions
Up to 75% process cost reduction

Biomedical_Medical Software
Biomedical Engineering

Custom solutions for clinical laboratories
Improved precision & speed 
Fast and accurate outcomes
Long-term collaborations in the DACH region

Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Complex and standard-compliant platforms
Leveraging AI, AR, IoT, and wearables in medical treatments
Testing, validation, and certification expertise

Intelligent Automation-for Healthcare
Intelligent Automation

Complex and standard-compliant platforms
Leveraging AI, AR, IoT, and wearables in medical treatments
Testing, validation, and certification expertise

Whitepaper Life Sciences V2 - Empowering Healthcare Through Technology

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We gathered the latest statistics and trends in the industry for you. Get inspired to streamline your medical and healthcare processes! Find out the latest global health concerns, get a whole perspective on smart hospitals, ensure data security, and dive into the complete landscape of empowering healthcare through technology. Moreover, we enriched the first whitepaper version with input from our colleagues’ expertise in intelligent automation for healthcare.

A Brief Overview on Healthcare Technology Today

1. Healthcare Information Software Market Growth

2. Growing Investments for Cost-Effective and Scalable Healthcare Software

3. The Emergence of Smart Hospitals

4. Mobile Health (mHealth) Applications

5. Healthy Cybersecurity Standards

Technology for Medical and Healthcare Education

Smart Hospitals

  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Access Control Systems
  • Interconnected and Portable Medical Devices
  • Data Management Systems
  • Integrated Clinical Information Systems
  • Advanced Telehealth Systems
  • Lab automation

Intelligent Automation, the Nexus Between Novelty and Elevated Patient Care

Healthcare Development Through Intelligent Automation – Case Studies


Ensuring Data and Patient Security

  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organizations
  • Medical Devices Certification

Healthcare Development Through Technology – Case Studies

Conclusions and Future Perspectives


    How can you streamline your healthcare and medical processes?

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    Mens sana in corpore sano. Healthy software in healthy hardware.

    At AROBS, we aim to empower researchers, clinicians, and patients. Our technologies contribute to creating the path to a future of breakthroughs, personalized fast treatments, and improved lifestyles. We are shaping together the future of medical software and hardware, delivering custom secure solutions.

    Extensive Life Sciences Expertise

    Extensive Life Sciences Expertise

    Based on the latest technologies, healthcare institutions can optimize resource allocation while also elevating the standards of patient care and research quality. The AROBS Life Sciences team has successfully developed medical software solutions that streamline clinical trial processes from the first research steps to the final approval seal. Some of the most important projects include advanced systems for clinical trial management and cancer treatment management.

    Learn more about the AROBS Life Sciences team’s capabilities here.

    Biomedical Software Engineering

    For our Berg Software team, accuracy and speed are the lifeblood of biomedical services. With extensive experience providing custom solutions for clinical laboratories, our experts contribute to the constant evolution of medical software and the refinement of healthcare processes. Berg Software is specialized in lab automation, automated liquid handling, and product improvement. Reach the full healthcare potential with solutions such as workflow scheduling, biomedical testing automation, and robotic liquid handlers.

    Learn more about the Berg Software team’s biomedical capabilities here.

    Biomedical Software Engineering
    Safe and Precise Medical Devices

    Safe and Precise Medical Devices

    The evolution of medical hardware towards heightened intelligence and automation emerges as a catalyst for superior patient care, improved accuracy, and a significant reduction in operational errors. AROBS Engineering is highly specialized in developing scalable software infrastructure for medical devices, such as controlling and monitoring infusing pumps and a cancer detection R&D project. AROBS Engineering specialists ensure that all deliverables meet the regulatory requirements and certifications.

    Learn more about the AROBS Engineering medical devices capabilities here.

    Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

    Intelligent automation drives progress in the healthcare industry, improving operational efficiency and infrastructure. Automation ensures standard compliance, reduces errors, and provides healthcare professionals with data-driven insights for accurate diagnoses and customized treatment plans. Moreover, the positive outcomes achieved in various medical areas, such as identifying high-risk pregnancies, detecting pneumonia, medical document classification, and claim fraud detection, have been remarkable. This represents a significant shift towards a patient-centric healthcare ecosystem driven by innovation.

    Medical Device Certification and Validation

    Device Certification and Validation

    Medical device development also comes with challenges, especially when entering new markets. Regional and national regulations are shaping the journey of developing certified medical devices. Ensuring standard compliance is essential in safeguarding both patient well-being and information integrity.

    AROBS Engineering conducts Software Architecture Audits and Analyses, implements Compliance Guidance & Medical Standards (e.g., MDD, FDA 510(k), IEC 62304), and ensures a Test-driven Development.

    Ensuring Patient Data and Organization Security

    For 12 consecutive years, the healthcare industry faced the costliest data breaches. Cybercrime, espionage, and sabotage were the main threats to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Moreover, statistics are alarming: in 2022, there was an 86% increase in healthcare-targeted cyber-attacks weekly. Organizations should benefit from the advantages of technology without exposing data to cyber threats. Our specialists focus on delivering secure solutions to avoid vulnerabilities and defy threats.

    Ensuring Patient Data and Organization Security

    Let’s Build Future-Proof Medical Software and Hardware Together!