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Software solutions for smart devices

Our team from AROBS Engineering specializes in developing custom software solutions for the consumer electronics industry. For 15+ years, we have helped clients from this field overcome their engineering challenges, providing them with top-quality solutions. We have worked with major international brands that are industry leaders to create cutting-edge embedded systems for smart devices that revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Step into a world where innovation meets functionality, and your vision for smart device excellence becomes a reality.

Our expertise

Our knowledge spans from multimedia platforms to home automation solutions; we’re always open to a new challenge. Our expertise includes:

  • Detailed HW/platform knowledge of all major silicon SoC (ARM, PPC, MIPS, SPARK)
  • Full embedded Linux/(RT)OS engineering services (including commitment to the LINUX Open-Source Community and options to create custom distribution based on Yocto/Buildroot)
  • Complete network & industrial protocol and data communication stacks (ETH, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, M-Bus, Field-Bus, SPI, I2C, BT, USB/OTG, etc. )
  • Development of multimedia platforms (audio & video, wireless, broadcast)
  • Full Software solutions for wireless video broadcast devices with custom control panels
  • LINUX-based, IP-enabled smart security cameras for home/office
  • Development of smart meters compatible with suppliers’ infrastructure in the European Union
  • Development of full monitor & control software solution for smart houses
  • Firmware and APPs for IR cameras
  • Continuous integration of custom test frameworks

Today’s business world is a highly competitive one, and we are here to help you deploy innovative products, keep up with the latest trends in consumer electronics, simplify your processes, and add innovative features to your smart devices. With our agile development approach, we expedite the time to market for your products so you can capture opportunities swiftly.

Our solutions are designed not only to meet your current needs but to provide long-term value, ensuring that every investment yields maximum returns. We optimize our development process to minimize costs without compromising on quality.

How we work

To ensure that we always achieve the best possible results, we foster close collaboration with our clients every step of the way. Maintaining the premium quality of our services is a top priority for us.

Depending on the size and particularities of each project, we tailor our approach to fit the unique requirements of each project.

Typically, we adopt the following strategy:

  • Engage small, dedicated teams of up to 10 skilled engineers tailored to suit project scope
  • Conduct daily scrums within each team, ensuring seamless communication and alignment
  • Meticulously plan and execute every sprint, maximizing efficiency and productivity
  • Showcase sprint achievements through demos, followed by thorough reviews and retrospectives for continuous improvement
  • Employ rigorous validation and verification (V&V) processes, ensuring the reliability and performance of our software solutions

If you are looking for experts in embedded engineering or Consumer Electronics, send us your message!


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