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Cloud application development - Enterprise solutions

We are specialized in Cloud application development, Enterprises solutions and custom enterprise software development to help optimize businesses all over the world.

Cloud Application Development & Custom Enterprise Software Development

We create custom cloud applications, enterprise solutions, and enterprise software products to help your business achieve the new highs of digitalization.

Talented IT professionals for your projects

Our cloud application development for enterprises will bring your ideas to life. The use of proven methodologies, technological mastery and expertise in enterprise software projects will assure your satisfaction with the end-product.

Over 20 years of expertise in custom enterprise software development

Plug into over 20 years of experience of understanding business requirements of enterprises and turning them into software solutions, whether your idea needs proficiency in cloud application, near-real time or reactive applications, Big Data, NoSQL or any other advanced software technology.

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International Portofolio

While technological knowledge is essential, sharing values like professionalism, innovation and commitment are pivotal to a rewarding collaboration.

Consequently, our partnerships on Cloud application development, Enterprise solutions and Custom enterprise software development goes beyond execution. Therefore, our portfolio is built around long-term enterprise projects for clients in major countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands.

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Technological know-how: - Custom Enterprise Software Development

Take a look at our technological assessment. Zoom in to see our expertise and experience when it comes to programming languages and tools for our projects in cloud application development and custom enterprise software development.

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Cloud application development & custom enterprise software development for company-specific challenges, created by a team of professionals
with over 20 years of experience.

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Why AROBS for Enterprise Solutions and Cloud application development


Cloud applications development for Enterprises with company-specific challenges, created by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience.



Tailor-made <br />solutions

Intuitive, easy-to-use products that serve user experience at syncronicity to the latest trends in Cloud applications development and Enterprise solutions.


User-focused products

User-focused products

Experience has shown us that the key to success is in the human factor. Hence, we encourage you to meet the people in charge of shaping your idea or business model for every project we create, whether is Cloud applications development or any Enterprise solutions.



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Our projects in Cloud Application Development

Our expertise on cloud application development for enterprises and custom enterprise software development includes, but is not limited to organizing and planning applications, industry-based aggregators and various information-processing platforms. Here are some of our past projects in cloud application development:

1. Modernization in the music industry thorugh custom enterprise software development

We replaced the 20-year-old system of one of the biggest music publishers and created a global publishing system that brings improved business functionality and efficiency, facilitating business transformation and further centralization of some core business functions like song-management, contract briefing, copyright, registration, portal, royalty processing and tracking/reporting.

Therefore, in collaboration with an external partner, our custom enterprise software development team created a cloud-native application using innovative technology. Together we combined smart adaptive solutions for load and scalability, Big Data NoSQL solutions and high availability, while maintaining the stability of the system, to get near real-time updates and minimize delivery time.

As a result, it allowed new requirements to quickly and easily adapt to the latest business and market requirements.

Read more about this complex cloud application development project, here.

2. Intellectual property management tool

Intellectual property is an issue of growing interest, where a team of experts cloud application development cand help businesses accelerate their growth and productivity. Given this epidemic of new brands, the scarcity of original names is increasingly high.

Therefore, the business challenge was to offer users a platform with real time information on the singularity of their brand names in a conglomerate of different data formats.

As a result, we managed to bring diverse data to the same format integrating intellectual property offices on a global level. Hence, the created aggregator enables users to check the level of safety of a business decision concerning intellectual property.

3. Cyber-attack and malicious application detection and protection, for iOS and Android devices

We oversaw the testing of a revolutionary engine, based on machine learning that diagnoses threats faster than cloud based mobile security solutions, regardless to the user`s connection status to the network. Getting its data right from the behavior of the mobile device, it cannot only identify the specific malicious attack but supply essential information about it. Also, it protects against known malicious applications based on an up-to-date database.

Our professionals in cloud application development contributed with know-how based on extensive experience and network simulated attacks using specific tools running on Linux.

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Cloud application development changed the way businesses are managed in the modern era. Over the years, our experts created high-quality solutions, focusing on long-term partnerships in custom enterprise software development.

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Enterprise software future trends

Custom enterprise software development will adapt to post-pandemic employee perspectives

There have been a lot of surveys carried out about remote work since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost all of them show that employees prefer a hybrid working model combining remote work with work-from office. Recognizing the need for employee wellness, managers will focus even more on employee satisfaction and morale. Hence, custom enterprise software development and cloud application development will adapt to this changing perspective and turn big data into analyzing nuanced and complex issues at the workplace, like happiness.

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Anything as a service has already infiltrated our businesses and lives. In the AI fueled future this will be even more the case. As big and small businesses alike make use of in-demand platforms XaaS is getting more innovative and easier to use, since it requires little investment in tools or specialised people. All thanks to the custom enterprise software development and the scalability of the custom enterprise software development services.

Zoom is one of success stories when it comes to cloud-based computing. It’s dominance in the pandemic is due to its rapid response for server capacity demand thanks to its partnership with its service providers.

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The global enterprise software market

As generally understood, enterprise application software means an application on a massive scale, designed to encourage the everyday tasks of entire corporations. 

Various organizations have dissimilar needs, and custom enterprise software development accommodates specific organizational arrangements and resolve certain issues. The enterprise software marketplace has year on year expansion often exceeding 10 percent and it is the fastest-growing section from the global IT industry.

Enterprise solutions aim at responding to the demands of organizations, often especially addressing the efficacy of the core business procedures.  Many business enterprise solutions application sub-segments, for example, business process management (BPM) applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and client relationship management (CRM), have become enormous markets in their own right.  

CRMs focuses on assessing and enhancing company interactions with both present and prospective clients and is expected to earn over 28 billion USD in earnings in 2019.  

ERP programs target more closely with corporate information collection and interpretation and are predicted to account for another 84 billion USD in total earnings. AROBS has very highly specialized business lines that can handle sophisticated and complex cloud application development projects and it is ready to take part in the fastest growing area of IT and software business. 

Gartner and Statista analysis on cloud application development

IT and software global spending growth is justified by the fact that all the countries started catching up on spending on cloud applications.

The U.S. is the top buyer and adopter of cloud applications and its spending accounts for more than half of worldwide budgets for cloud applications development. 

Sometimes, states that Gartner monitors have one to seven years delay on cloud application adoption rates. As an example, the nation right behind the U.S. on cloud application development spending would be the United Kingdom, which large investments in public cloud services in 2018. China is rapidly increasing cloud application spending. Forecasts to close the sending gap towards the USA in 2023. Businesses that invest more in cloud application development spending will be recognized as digital leaders in the long run – a very interesting statement by Gartner.

In a study regarding the international earnings for Enterprise software industry from 2016 to 2022, Statista estimates that international revenue for business software applications will attain 305 billion U.S.D. by 2022. 

The global spending on enterprise software – business applications, from 2009 to 2021

In 2019, IT spending on enterprise software – business applications is expected to amount to approximately 457 billion U.S. dollars globally.  Like all sub-segments of their IT services sector, the business software marketplace has experienced high levels of growth in the past several decades, with market earnings more than doubling between 2009 and 2019.  Recent forecasts indicate that this tendency of accelerated expansion will continue in the coming years with marketplace earnings expected to achieve 560 billion by 2021.  

The trends of the enterprise software market

Given our activity in custom enterprise software development and cloud application development, we researched the main trends and directions debated by the various voices of the global enterprise software industry.

The future of enterprise solutions will have to rely on usability, social interaction, online availability, flexibility toward facing competition, cross-platform, customization, and the use of artificial intelligence.

1. Usability. People are used to high quality and ease of use from popular services as Gmail or Facebook and they hope to discover that also in their enterprise solutions

2. Connectivity of a social media kind. Though not entirely here, nevertheless, users of the enterprise software and company information will feel the need to join ‘socially’ inside and across companies much like how users connect within Facebook or Twitter.

3. Online. Obviously, everything will be shifting more and more towards cloud applications (whether public or private).

4. Transformation and flexibility as competition get more and more complex. Most enterprise solutions are migrating into the cloud with web and mobile versions, but they will update continuously, in terms of user interaction and user experience.

5. Cross-platform flexibility: Many enterprise solutions companies want their legacy products to cross the platforms towards mobile, web and vice-versa. So the UX and UI become increasingly more significant.

6. Customization is a significant trend that has emerged in enterprise software industry. The business is one of the most dynamic and the age of generic or static enterprise solutions and products is long gone.

7. Personalization on the personal or group level, so that different employees utilize various modules and get various sorts of information. Rather than sorting through plenty of functions and information which are not pertinent to their particular tasks, an employee may use a compact and personalized dashboard that only supplies the utmost necessary modules and reminders.

8. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in Enterprise software products. Sometimes named “machine learning,” which essentially means that Enterprise software will “learn” the behavior of the employees using the applications and accommodate the usability accordingly. 

Blockchain for security

In the ever-increasing digitalization of our business’ security becomes one of the most vital elements as well as the greatest vulnerability. Therefore, enterprise software is adopting blockchain technology to secure data. This reduces security risks, given that data is not stored on a single server but a network of computers. Also, users can carry out actions much faster while certain types of administrative work are reduced.

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