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Retail Automation is the future of commerce

Retail automation is changing the face of retail, helping companies improve their processes. Retail automation solutions eliminate many manual tasks, help business leaders make data-driven decisions, and create a better customer experience. Retail automation is the future of commerce, and companies that leverage automation can gain an evident advantage over their competitors.

Our colleagues at Berg Software‘s mission is to help our clients implement innovative solutions that respond to their needs.
Our developers have years of experience developing enterprise web solutions for the retail field.

We develop custom SAP solutions

SAP solutions are the industry standard for managing several essential company processes. With the help of these solutions, companies can manage different business areas, such as marketing, sales, or administration.
Our extensive experience consists in developing niche enterprise solutions with SAP Fiori. We create complementary web applications for users with one or more SAP standard solutions.
Our highly customizable solutions help companies leverage all the benefits of SAP solutions. With our help, companies can optimize business operations, reduce costs, and collaborate efficiently between different departments.

We have been working on SAP solutions for over nine years.

We have been working with SAP Fiori since 2013. We hav e collaborated with multiple international players on complex SAP projects. We worked on solutions that helped our clients improve workflows, forecast industry trends, and create a better customer experience.

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We are specialized in developing SAP solutions for companies from the following industries:

Over the years, we have gained both technological & business knowledge regarding these industries. Therefore, we can efficiently respond to our client’s specific needs. Plus, we can offer expert advice and help them choose the most suitable custom software solution.

Our previous projects include:

  • Data processing apps that work with SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository)
  • Promotion management
  • Replenishment
  • Assortment planning
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer portals