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AROBS Shares

AROBS Transilvania Software is a Romanian company that provides software services and solutions in various industries, with over 8000 partners from Europe, America, and Asia. In the 7 offices in Romania and 7 abroad, hundreds of AROBS specialists build the solutions of the future. With a track record of 23 years on Romanian and international markets, in 2021, the company decided to list on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The decision to float AROBS shares on the AeRO market and the conduct of corporate operations through the capital market with the support of investors is a new vehicle of the business growth for the coming years.

Prior to listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, AROBS made the largest private placement in the history of the AeRO market by attracting the amount of 74.2 million lei from investors. During the private placement, which started on October 15, a total of 54,697,494 shares, respectively 12% of the company’s current share capital, were sold at 1,357 lei per share. 149 retail investors, 38 professional and 9 institutional investors participated in the private placement. The offer closed in advance on the first day, amid a subscription of 2.82 times, investors placing orders totaling 209.7 million lei. Therefore, the share allocation rate was 35.4%.

AROBS Transilvania Software S.A. acquired 401,000 shares from Oprean Voicu, as 10% of the Company’s share capital at that date. After the private placement, the value of the shares grew from 40,100,000 lei to 45,569,749.4 lei. Therefore AROBS Transilvania Software S.A. holds 40,101,379 shares, representing 8,8%. These will be used in the Employee stock option plan, implemented within AROBS and its affiliates.

The shares of AROBS Transilvania Software debuted on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 6th of December 2021, under the symbol #AROBS.

For more detailed information on our evolution on the capital market, we invite you to follow our profile on the Bucharest Stock Exchange website.

Financial Calendar


28.02.2022 - Preliminary 2021 Financial Results

31.05.2022 - Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

31.05.2022 - 2021 Annual Report

26.05.2022 - Q1 2022 Financial Report

27.09.2022 - H1 2022 Financial Report

24.11.2022 - Q3 2022 Financial Report

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Financial Results

We invite you to consult the latest financial reports of AROBS Transilvania Software SA. The company publishes the financial results every six months.
For more information on the date of publication of the reports, please see the Financial Calendar.

H1 2022 Financial Report
Q1 2022 Financial Report
Consolidated financial results 2021
2021 Annual Report
2021 Preliminary Financial Report

Current reports

Here investors can find all the current reports issued by the company regarding the important events of AROBS Transilvania Software SA.

48/2022 - Availability of the H1 2022 Results
47/2022 - Notification - buyback 19-23.09.2022
46/2022 - Notification - buyback 12-16.09.2022
45/2022 - Notification - buyback 05-09.09.2022
44/2022 - Launching of AROBS E-toll Solutions
43/2022 - Notification - buyback 29.08-02.09.2022
42/2022 - Notification - buyback 22-26.08.2022
41/2022 - Closed trading period
40/2022 - Notification - buyback 16-19.08.2022
39/2022 - Notification - buyback 08-12.08.2022
38/2022 - Notification - buyback 01-05.08.2022
37/2022 - Manager's transactions - art.19 MAR
36/2022 - Availability report on consolidated financial statements for 2021
35/2022 - Resolutions of the OGMS & EGMS dated 01.08.2022
34/2022 - Notification - buyback 25-29.07.2022
33/2022 - Signing a transaction - Nordlogic acquisition
32/2022 - Availability online voting in the OGMS & EGMS from 01.08.2022
31/2022 - Notification - buyback 18-22.07.2022
30/2022 - Request and decision to supplement the agenda of the EGSM 01.08.2022/02.08.2022
29/2022 - Notification - buyback 11-15.07.2022
28/2022 - Initiation of the share buy-back program
27/2022 - Supporting documents OGMS & EGMS 01.08.2022
26/2022 - Notice of OGMS & EGMS 01.08.2022
25/2022 - Initiation of the share buy-back program
24/2022 - Closing of the transaction for the acquisition of Enea Services Romania
23/2022 - Errata to the EGMS Decision dated 31.05.2022
22/2022 - Signing of a significant contract
21/2022 - Availability of the 2021 Annual Report
20/2022 - Resolutions of the OGMS & EGMS dated 31.05.2022
19/2022 - Availability of the Q1 2022 Results
18/2022 - Availability online voting in the OGMS & EGMS from 31.05.2022
17/2022 - Request and decision to supplement the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders convened for 31.05.2022 / 02.06.2022
16/2022 - 2022 Revenue and Expense budget estimate
15/2022 - Supporting documents OGMS & EGMS
14/2022 - Notice of OGSM & EGSM 31.05.2022
13/2022 - Closed trading period 26.04.2022 - 26.05.2022
12/2022 - Signing of a transaction
11/2022 - Receiving CIIF from FSA
10/2022 - 2022 Financial calendar update
9/2022 - Resolutions of the OGMS & EGMS dated 07.03.2022
8/2022 - Availability online voting in the EGSM & OGSM from 07.03.2022
7/2022 - Acquisition of Berg Computers S.R.L.
6/2022 - 2021 Preliminary financial results
5/2022 - Errata to the Convening notice of the OGMS & EGMS from 07.03.2022
4/2022 - Notice of OGSM & EGSM 07.03.2022
3/2022 - Closed trading period
2/2022 - 2022 Financial Calendar
1/2022 - Agreement with BRK Financial Group for Market Making Services

General Meetings of Shareholders

Here investors can find information about the General Meetings of AROBS Transilvania Software Shareholders that have been organized
so far or that will be organized in the future.


Corporate Governance

Here investors can find all the current reports issued by the company regarding the important events of AROBS Transilvania Software SA.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of AROBS Transilvania Software S.A. consists of
three members:

  • Voicu Oprean – Chairman
  • Mihaela-Stela Cleja – Member
  • Răzvan-Dimitrie Gârbacea – Independent member
Advisory Board

Andreea Pipernea is the CEO of NN Pension Fund Romania and has over 20 years of experience in banking, capital markets, corporate finance, and strategic management. 

Dan STEFAN is the co-founder of Autonom Group, one of the most awarded companies in the country as Best Employer. He is a management teacher, a passionate entrepreneur with high expertise in people development and sustainable organizations.

Serban Roman, FCCA is a Private Equity professional and M&A advisor with more than 20 years of experience in investing, growing, and exiting companies and developing management teams and corporate governance.

Authorized consultants

The authorized consultant is Cornerstone Communication

Issuer’s Market Maker (IMM) services provided by BRK Financial Group. 


The auditor of AROBS Transilvania Software S.A. is BDO Romania.

Memorandum listing

Memorandum prepared for the admission of the shares issued by AROBS Transilvania Software SA on the AeRO market. - Download HERE

Article of association

Dividend policy and practice - to be uploaded

Forecast policy and practice statement - to be uploaded

Contact IR

For any questions regarding the activity of AROBS Transilvania Software, our capital market plans, as well as the investor relationship, please contact the investor relations team at:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +40 31 860 21 01

For updated information on the price of AROBS shares, we invite you to visit our profile on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, available HERE.


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