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Who we are

We are #MoreThanJustATeam.

Humans who also started from the bottom, with little experience.

Professionals who know that you need a place to start and a healthy work environment where you gain experience and develop skills.

Team players who love to share knowledge and help each other grow.

We offer an involvement space. Where you can find a sense of purpose, contribution, and belonging.

The internship experience

A Dutch student's experience at AROBS

Hosting an internship is always a fulfilling experience for AROBS because we get to guide youngsters on their career paths. We also let ourselves caption their energy to create a mix of knowledge that we can all learn from. We have collaborated with Windesheim University of Applied Sciences from the Netherlands for some years, allowing us to host their students’ visits and integrate them into internship programs in our company. Six students got the chance to taste our company culture and learn from our mentors. This year, we talked to one of them and got some valuable impressions.
Matt is currently an #automotive intern working on his first projects in AROBS while learning things about our country.
Click on the video to learn more about his experience as a foreign intern in AROBS.

Internship Application Steps

internship AROBS


Learn & Grow at AROBS Junior Academy

internship AROBS

You get free access to Udemy and Pluralsight during your internship.

Two of the most offering platforms when it comes to technical knowledge.

You’ll also find courses to develop other abilities you need to help you with your work – time management, agile thinking, planning, etc.

If you master technicalities after the internship, and you’re also a people person and team player, you might just be team leader material.

Therefore, you’re eligible for our Rising Star program. We’ll help you gain all the necessary abilities to reach your full potential in this direction and take the next step in your career.

internship AROBS

We work HARD... but party harder!

... and care about the community

AROBS Transilvania Software is an IT software solutions and products provider, and among the fewest companies in the industry with a 100% Romanian capital.

We value the community and strongly support education by giving young talents hands-on internship opportunities to continue their path from study to a successful career.

Our contribution starts with the fruitful partnerships we have with the universities that open a communication channel between the generations to come and our experts.

We consider ourselves European by birth but international by culture, thus we have an inclusive approach and a multicultural organizational culture.

We’ve grown organic as a company and we currently offer job opportunities and internships on Automotive, Life Sciences&IoT, Travel, Enterprise Solutions, Telematics, Fintech and more.

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internship AROBS

Today an intern, tomorrow a rising star in AROBS.

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