AROBS Polska for the Future of Space

AROBS Polska (formerly known as SYDERAL Polska) is a dynamic and innovative team of specialists at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in the space industry. With a strong focus on highly advanced areas such as quantum and optical communication, AROBS Polska is reshaping the future of space. Multiple partnerships with ESA, European Industry, and Academia ensured that our solutions aligned with the rigorous requirements and specifications set forth for each project. Our expertise is focused on developing dedicated electronic systems, FPGA code, and embedded software. 

AROBS Polska provides services and products for the following: 

Optical & Quantum Communications
Optical & Quantum Communications

Instrument and Mechanism Controllers
Instrument and Mechanism Controllers

Payload Computers 
Payload Computers 

Flash Memory Modules
Flash Memory Modules

On February 2nd, 2023, AROBS Polska became part of the AROBS Group, strengthening the embedded systems business line. With their team’s extensive experience in the aerospace field and active participation in initiatives related to creating the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure, they bring valuable insight and perspectives to our group. This partnership solidifies our expertise in the aerospace industry and serves as a launching pad toward reaching even greater heights in the industry. 

Areas of expertise

Exceeding the stringent demands of the space industry while simplifying the most complex areas of expertise is what AROBS Polska does best. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience enable us to excel in several key areas within the space industry. Committed to innovative technology, we deliver solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. 

Optical & Quantum Communication

Our team from AROBS Polska has extensive experience in developing products and technologies for optical and quantum communications. 

Our expertise includes the following: 

  • Instrument Control Unit for the instrument generating quantum key 
  • Laser Ranging function for optical communication terminals; 
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) high-rate detector; 
  • High-speed FPGAs evaluation for inter-satellite optical communication networks. 

Our team participates in co-creating the standard related to optical communication and laser ranging (together with ESA and NASA) for the CCSDS (The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems). 

Instrument and Mechanism Controllers

The AROBS Polska team also has extensive experience in developing onboard control electronics. Our specialists have collaborated with major international clients operating in the space market. 

The AROBS Polska team contributed to the controllers’ development of the following projects: 

  • EUCLID Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanism Electronics (ADPME) 
  • FLEX FLORIS Instrument Control Unit (ICU) 
  • Standardize Motor Drive Electronics (SMDE) 

Payload Computers

Another specialization of AROBS Polska is Payload Computers. Our expertise comprises powerful data processing, mass memory, and control functions compiled in a compact design. Payload computers play a crucial role in various aspects of space missions, including satellite operations, data processing, payload management, and mission control.  

A highlight from the company’s portfolio is the Rendez-Vous Sensor Processing Unit (RVSPU) processing signals from multiple cameras and lidar sensors within the ClearSpace-1 mission, which aims to remove space debris. 

Flash Memory Modules

Our Flash Memory Modules are developed considering the future need of the Earth Observation market. The scalable design is equipped with High-Speed Serial Links for data reading/writing, additionally strengthened with data protection techniques. 

The Flash Memory Module (FMM) project we worked on is being developed in collaboration with ESA. We aim to create the next generation of mass memory modules in line with the Advance Data Handling Architecture (ADHA) standardization. 

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