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Fintech – AROBS’ expertise for companies’ financial technology vision implementation

Fintech, fintech development, or financial technology services is what AROBS provides for your business, based on industry know-how and experience working with top banks and financial institutions.

How can our experts help your business?

We develop fintech solutions based on your company’s vision using the latest software technologies in the industry so that you can provide the best service for your customers.

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Offering financial technology services through collaborative teams for financial institutions and private companies is nothing new for AROBS. Having almost 25 years of experience in software development for multiple industries, translating expertise to the financial market is highly beneficial for partner companies. Therefore, partnering with AROBS is the obvious choice for international banks and financial institutions.

AROBS also launched its first fintech software solution, MonePOS, while simultaneously offering solutions for complex architectural rethinking. MonePOS is a contactless and paperless payment solution for customer transportation and SMEs, created for the national market.

Fintech financial technology services
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Why AROBS for fintech services?

Our expertise includes:

  • Software audit;
  • Architecture consultancy;
  • Cloud solutions;
  • SaaS and integration services;
  • Security;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Security and confidentiality for fintech development

The financial market relies on technological intelligence and customer trust. Hence, it is imperative for any financial technology service provider to have settled strict information security and cybersecurity procedures.

AROBS follows international standards and regulations and has teams of cybersecurity specialists. We hold an independently verified Information Security Management System – ISMS, and we are ISO 27001 certified. Also, we have been awarded various industry-specific certifications.

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Technological know-how


Here is our expertise when it comes to programming languages and technologies.

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Featured projects

Banking sector

Developing software for the financial or banking system has its specific challenges, such as confidentiality and security. Also, the AROBS teams went through consecutive procedural initiation stages before starting the project.

For our international banking client, partnering with AROBS helped add new functionalities while making existing processes more efficient and user-friendly.

The AROBS approach

One of the top players of Romania's banking sector and one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe is the beneficiary of the AROBS financial technology services.

The client chose AROBS in the process of extending its internal technical teams, given AROBS' extensive expertise in software development.

During AROBS' ongoing collaboration with the client, requirements included developing the following specific modules:

  • day to day banking operations
  • insurance
  • notifications
  • QA automation for various internal and user-oriented processes.

The proof of our successful collaboration lies in the further extension of AROBS teams for this fintech project.

MonePOS - the Fintech contactless and paperless solution

MonePOS is already used by many businesses in Romania, mostly from mobility services.

Given that mobility solutions for payments became increasingly important, with a rapidly changing consumer perspective on the importance of contactless and paperless transactions, there was a need on the market for a fintech product like MonePOS.

This fintech product assures the complete digitization of payment operations for businesses in industries like passenger transport, taxis, food delivery, markets, small retail, etc. Furthermore, MonePOS is easily customizable mobile POS.

Also, it is Mastercard and VISA certified.

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Financial technology services trends

Fintech investments are on the rise

Financial technology services bring comfort, ease of financial management, and less bureaucracy, among other benefits. Therefore, financial institutions and companies are raising their fintech budget all over the corporate world. Thanks to cloud computing and mobile, fintech revolutionize the market.

After watching fintech startups grow quickly into competitors, mega-companies invest in offering users new opportunities to manage their finances. However, these processes take time, from new procedures introduction to the rethinking of the entire system architecture.

All in all, during2020, a very tough year, fintech investment was among the areas that accelerated growth, reaching $44 billion, a 14% increase compared to 2019.

Digital-only banks

Even though cash is here to stay, at least for a little while, banks are focused on developing their digital operations via financial technology services.

One of the main fintech products is currently digital payment. Its usage has gain renewed importance during the pandemic in order to avoid physical contact to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Also, the new generation of users, millennials and gen Z, that were born into a digital world find it very easy to adopt this way of using financial services.

Digital-only banking will offer its customers flexibility, transparency, and more opportunity.

AI banking

AI is everywhere and is changing the fintech game as well. Financial institutions are focusing on fintech practices, especially when it comes to AI and analytics. AI technologies create value for vendor and customer altogether, while it enhances the customer-centric ecosystem and customization becomes the main direction of the future.

Besides data-based customization, customers need increasing speed for their financial actions, and financial institutions need to offer real-time or, at least, near-real-time services.

Non-negligible is also the benefit of scaling, enabled by AI technologies.

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