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Embedded technologies and the wind of change with marine solutions

Marine engineering is developing extremely fast, and technological advancements in marine solutions play a huge role in its evolution. The technology for the multitude of sophisticated devices used in the marine domain is, many times, the main differentiator, and the technology is what supports our partners in this field to gain a continuous advantage over the competition.

Our primary capability is developing features for multi-functional navigation systems. These systems support marine electronics, including radars, sonars, audio devices, instruments, cameras, and autopilot.

90% of the world’s trade is hauled by sea, making marine transport a critical segment of the global economy. An industry of such importance needs support from the most suitable embedded solutions providers.

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We partnered to create globally renowned cutting-edge embedded systems for the marine industry.

For the last 15+ years, we have used our technological and business expertise to partner in developing famous international embedded devices for top global players in the marine industry.

Our expertise is adjustable to different types of marine electronics made for fishing, sailing, cruising, and commercial use.
Our teams keep up with the highest industry standards in terms of performance, quality, and safety.
With our help, companies in the marine industry can deploy optimum products on the market, operate more efficiently and profitably, and provide a sounder and safer experience for their customers.

Our expertise

Over the years, our team has gained technological and business knowledge about the marine industry. Therefore, we can
create solutions that respond to our partners’ specific needs.

We have experience working on projects such as:
• Development and maintenance of new multifunction navigation systems
• Support for different applications: Maps and Charts, ClearCruise AR, UAV/DJI Drone, Entertainment and Audio App, Camera
and Video App, Radars, Fish Finder systems
• Implementation of different applications used for navigation
• Creating UI components by using the QT QML framework
• User interface application code
• Test framework development
• Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA)
● Validation and verification (V&V)

If you are looking for experts in embedded engineering for the marine industry,

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Our Marine Solutions processes

Our top priority is maintaining the high quality of our services and closely collaborating with our clients to deliver the best
Over the years, we have tested different approaches, and we discovered the daily process that works best for our team:
• We usually work in small teams, up to 10 engineers (the number may vary depending on the size of the project)
• Each team has its daily scrum
• We perform by thoroughly planning every sprint
• We do a sprint demo, sprint review & sprint retrospective at the end of each sprint
• Validation and verification (V&V)

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