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Find the right technology whitepaper for you from our collection below. Our Whitepapers listed on this page dissects the current reality of Romanian IT.

Industry overview
Externalization has become an industry of its own, that in 2020 amounts to $93 billion. The main reason companies outsource part of their business is to access know-how, talent, and to be able to focus their in-house resources on the core business.

In the last two decades, Western countries chose an offshore partner based on cost-effectiveness, culture, talent-pool, and the robustness of their country’s political and economical systems. Hence, Eastern European countries became a very attractive destination for nearshoring and offshoring.

Of the Eastern European countries, Romania is one of the most appreciated outlets and destination, given its EU membership, functioning market economy status, open culture, talent pool, and low cost of living.

// Empowering Healthcare Through Technology. The Path to Secure and Efficient Processes

Medical Technology Whitepaper


More than ever, healthcare evolution relies on technology to streamline medical processes. Treatment and research are now faster and more precise, allowing healthcare institutions to deliver better patient care and more accurate results. Medical software solutions are reshaping healthcare practices globally, and investments in cost-effective and scalable healthcare software are growing.

We also witness the emergence of smart hospitals, where intelligent building systems and interconnected medical devices converge to reshape patient care. More advancements include complex telehealth systems, lab automation, and integrated clinical information systems.

However, as technology advances, so do security concerns. Ensuring patient data and organization security is essential, as cyberattacks are more frequent in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Download the whitepaper to keep up with recent trends and get inspiration from case studies to adopt technology in your medical organization.

    How can you streamline your healthcare and medical processes?

    Find the answers in this whitepaper.



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    // Software Development Outsourcing – A 10-checkmark Guide for Making The Right Choice When Choosing an IT partner

    Technology whitepaper

    Companies of all sizes must build the necessary infrastructure for a digitized world and stay up to date with the latest technologies. Any business that seeks growth must remain competitive, technologically secured, and relevant in a post-COVID-19 world. On the other hand, companies need to remain people-centered and inclusive.

    Existing market needs need to be satisfied faster and more reliably. Therefore, access to the highest technologies becomes a must not only for IT companies but for any competitive company as well.

    However, in this blooming market choosing the right partner requires an in-depth analysis. This tech whitepaper offers an overview of the industry and the Romanian market as well as a guide created to help companies looking for the right offshore or nearshore partner.

      What to consider when choosing a long-term partner?

      Find the answers in this whitepaper.



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      // Cost-effectiveness with Offshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

      Technology whitepaper

      Humans inherently associate poor quality with cheap products and cheap products with savings. Hence, it is easy to confuse low cost with cost-effective decisions.

      With the apparition of the term Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), the above mentality showed its errors. After analyzing the quality lifecycle, the realization was that poor quality comes at high costs.

      Choosing an offshore or nearshore partner is just as much about accessing talent as it is about cost-effectiveness. It transfers the non-core business to external specialists, so know-how and resources remain integrally for the core business.

        Which are the reliable, as well as cost-optimizing destinations?

        Find the answers in this whitepaper.



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        // Technology whitepaper

        Automotive technology outsourcing - Romania - offshore and nearshore

        With the invention of scalability, the automotive industry experienced exponential growth to a level when it represents vital percentages of the GDP in many countries.

        Even though the current pandemic seems to disrupt the industry, it has just accelerated certain trends that were already shifting the market.

        Competitive companies will search to adjust directions, optimize cost, and access talent.

        When it comes to engineering services, Romania is one of the most attractive destinations for investors in the automotive industry. This sector currently represents 27% of the nation’s exports, employing over 230 000 people. As a destination, it differentiates itself with a functional market economy, an EU membership, an open culture, and a high number of engineers and scientists.

          How will the automotive industry stand in the post-COVID-19 era?

          Find the answers in this whitepaper.



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