AROBS Moldova

AROBS has extended in the Republic of Moldova
since 2010. With impressive expertise in software
especially in the automotive
industry, our branch from Chisinau, Moldova, has
developed the most innovative and exciting
projects for electric and autonomous cars.

AROBS has its origins in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj Napoca. With time, the company managed to grow to more than 950+
employees, eight international subsidiaries, ten offices in Romania, and high specialization in Automotive, Aerospace Engineering,
Marine Engineering, Travel Technology, Life Science, Medical Devices, Biomedical, Enterprise Solutions, Workforce
Management, IoT, Retail Automation, Office Automation, FinTech, and IT Outsourcing.

After over 11 years, the team from AROBS Moldova has more than 120 software developers and engineers with valuable
know-how in creating software and hardware services for the automotive industry, high-level technologies, Life Sciences, and
Enterprise solutions.
Although AROBS Moldova started as a small branch, now it has developed so well that it improves and helps the community by
crafting solutions for mobility, telematics systems, parking, and electric and hybrid cars.

Growth also means implications in the community. AROBS Moldova has grown a strong relationship with the university environment by
providing ongoing internship opportunities and the possibility of summer practice for students. We offer a healthy environment
where students can gain more valuable knowledge, learn from our experts know-how and apply their studies to practical projects.
More than that, AROBS is focused on transforming students into future employees ready to build together the future of

More about the community

The AROBS branch in Chisinau has been a funding part of ACEM – Electronic Industry Companies Association of Moldova since
its beginning in 2019. ACEM is a non-commercial organization focused on becoming a catalyst for the electronics industry,
increasing its competitiveness and development of the electronics industry.

Track GPS is one of our most significant projects in Moldova – a complete solution for your fleet using GPS systems and in-house

Track GPS Moldova has clients from varied domains: public services, refrigerated transport, construction, agriculture, security,
health, pharmacy, transportation & logistics, IT & telecommunication, banks, and insurance.

The services provided by our solution are very complex and ideal for efficient fleet management. Our clients using Track GPS
solution optimize their business and efficiency and benefit of:

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