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Software Testing Services. Product and Quality Assurance expertise

Identifying errors in the software and the embedded systems from the very beginning is vital for the success of your software development and engineering projects. The software and Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA) testing services we provide are what you need for a perfect and ready-to-use product. Our software and PA/QA testing outsourcing team has professionals specializing in manual and automated testing.

Software testing outsourcing

Since its inception in 1998, AROBS has gained experience in many industries and delivered custom software and testing services to companies worldwide, making us a top choice as a software testing outsourcing provider.

The Quality Assurance testing teams were always there to ensure that any functionality was tested. Ultimately, the customer gets a secure, bug-free, performant ready-to-use product. Over the years, together with the development teams, the software testing teams gained priceless expertise in areas such as Travel&HospitalityIoTLife SciencesEnterprise SolutionsAutomotive, and Fintech.

Recently, our QA expertise has grown stronger: our colleagues from AROBS Engineering have 15+ years of experience in Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA). 

QA and software testing provided by AROBS

At AROBS, you will get both quality assurance and testing services. Why is that?
Probably a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably. But they are not the same.

Quality assurance is a series of activities and methods designed to ensure that software is developed following all specifications. It is responsible for identifying and preventing potential bugs in the software development process. QA implies process management: project analysis, methods, techniques for development, checklists, etc. QA oversees the software maintenance process and goes through the entire product life cycle (SDLC).

Software Testing allows system examination and potential problem identification. There are many ways to test the product, find bugs, or check if they have been fixed. Customers can test the product to determine if it meets their requirements regarding its design, functionality, and other aspects.

QA and Testing are working in the same direction, focusing on delivering high-quality products. This goal is only possible through a professional approach and strong communication.

Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA) expertise

Our colleagues from AROBS Engineering have over 15 years of expertise in Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA).
The team guarantees that quality requirements have been enforced from the beginning of the project. The customer and the final user will benefit from the most satisfactory and reliable version of the embedded systems because all the quality prerequisites are met through all phases.
Our PA/QA unit ensures that the products delivered to the customer fulfil the performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations.

PA/QA is critical in all the industries that produce and use embedded systems: automotive, medical and life sciences, aerospace and avionics, maritime, and many others.

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“Despite having a high-quality engineering culture and using automated testing ever since, we did not have experience working with specialized quality assurance engineers. With the growth of our engineering teams, the demands for this extra layer of quality assurance increased, and now we work with two senior quality assurance engineers from AROBS covering both front-end and APIs of our platforms. Since then, we have prevented various bugs from hitting production, optimized our development process to integrate testing in a highly professional manner, gave our developers some breath and support aside their many other responsibilities and of course are proud to offer our users more robust and stable services.

If you want to make both users and developers happy at the same time: hire quality assurance engineers from AROBS.”

Teams of dedicated QA experts

Our software testing teams provide comprehensive, fully managed software testing outsourcing services, guiding companies through the entire testing process and reducing downtime costs. 

AROBS’ dedicated QA teams seamlessly integrate with our client’s software development cycles. We use state-of-the-art testing methods to deliver high-quality assurance services on all projects.

Our team has extensive experience testing on many devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs from all the major brands with last-generation operating systems.

Our software testing services include web application testing, mobile & desktop application testing.

We offer:

QA Software testing

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How do we work?

Analyze the Process
Analyze the Process

After analyzing your current development process, we estimate the time needed and the number of people your QA team will have. We want to understand your business, stakeholders, and the project's necessities in this phase.

Service Agreement
Service Agreement

We assess your expectations, negotiate the term&conditions for further cooperation and come to an agreement.

Meet the Team
Meet the Team

You and your project will meet the software testing outsourcing team. Our team will make or review the documentation and design a testing strategy, a testing plan, test cases, and scenarios.


We conduct regular testing according to the Test Plan to ensure that the software meets all the requirements.

Automation testing as part of your agile approach

Automation Testing is a testing technique that uses special automated software tools to run a test suite. The same test suite will
need to be repeated for each development cycle, but it can be recorded and replayed using a test automation tool. No human
intervention is necessary once the test suite has been automated. Automation testing is the best method to improve software
testing efficiency, coverage, and speed.

Automation testing for continuous delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery refers to delivering code updates as quickly as possible to customers. To achieve this goal, automated
testing is crucial.

CD is part of a larger deployment pipeline. CD is dependent on continuous integration (CI) and is also its successor. CI is
responsible for running automated tests against new code changes and ensuring they don’t break existing features or introduce new bugs. CD is activated once the continuous integration step passes through the automated test plan.

For high-speed software teams, this relationship between automated testing and CI is a boon. Automated testing helps ensure quality at every stage in software development. It makes sure that new commits don’t introduce bugs and the software is always
ready for deployment.

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These are the top reasons why testing the software is so important

It helps you save money.

Software testing has many benefits. Companies choose software-testing services because of their cost-effectiveness. If bugs are discovered in the initial stages of the product, the cost of fixing them is lower.


To ensure that your product is successful, you must follow the guidelines.

It is essential to understand the needs of the product to get the desired results. The product should serve the user somehow and deliver on its promise. Your app should work efficiently to ensure a positive customer experience. 

Customer satisfaction

Product owners have one primary goal: to provide the highest customer satisfaction. Software testing offers the perfect user experience and the prerequisites.

Enhanced process development

Using different scenarios, the Quality Assurance allows finding a variety of errors. It's easy, and developers should fix it in no time.

Adding new features is easy.

It is more challenging to modify code that is older and more interconnected. Using software testing from the beginning of the project allows developers to add new features easily or modify the existing ones more leisurely and with fewer errors.

Software performance

Software or applications with low performance can affect your market reputation.

How to choose the best software testing service provider?

Clarify your business requirements

Are you looking for automated testing or manual testing? What size should your team be? How long is the project? These questions will help you create the criteria to choose the right vendor. What kind of services are you looking for? What number of experts do you need? Are you expecting them to work full time? These questions will help you to determine the best form of cooperation.

Select the destination for outsourcing

Three major IT outsourcing destinations are Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. Each country has its advantages and pitfalls. Some of these countries have established themselves as trustworthy partners. You must pay attention to the availability of tech experts, their qualifications, and the local business climate. 

Make a long list.

After you have decided on an outsourcing destination, it's time to start looking for companies that offer software testing services. You can begin by simply searching for company names. For recommendations, you can also look at dedicated directories such as Clutch and GoodFirms. The research will allow you to find reliable and verified companies that have received positive reviews from clients.

Reduce the number of companies

Review their case studies and portfolios after you have a long list of companies to consider. You should choose from a range of automated and manual testing services and access various platforms and methodologies.

Reach a win-win agreement

After choosing the vendor that meets your needs, you can sign a mutually advantageous contract with you and your vendor. You should review the final draft of your contract with your legal team. Negotiate the details of the agreement. Pay attention to aspects such as payment terms and liability, notice periods, confidentiality IP rights, non-solicitation terms, governing law, dispute resolution forum, and notice periods.

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