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Sustainability is no longer just an option. It has become an integrated part of our present and future. Furthermore, the consequences of the pandemic have sharpened the need for more sustainable strategies regarding the local economy, products consumption, responsible use of natural resources, and reducing the impact of climate change.

According to a 2022 survey report made by Deloitte in 21 countries interviewing 2083 corporate executives from companies with over 5000 employees, 89% agree that there is a global climate emergency and 88% of them decided that with immediate action, we can limit the worst impacts of climate change. The consciousness regarding the issues grew by almost 20% in just a few months in 2021.

Considering these recent reactions worldwide, no action is insignificant. Little progress is still progress, whether we’re talking about education within the organization, supporting green causes, or actively participating in significant afforestation actions.

The new AROBS Messenger Green Edition


AROBS has always been rooted in the community since its emergence and has had a relentless contribution. We're an extended and multicultural team in seven offices in Romania and six branches outside borders with an inclusive organizational culture. Furthermore, what connects us beyond company limits is sharing the same values and preoccupation with the communities we live in and the environment.

Our “bottom-up” approach has generated various actions supported by our colleagues and oriented towards the environment.



A significant milestone towards awareness regarding sustainability and environmental issues is education. We started by leaving short messages at key spots around our offices to draw attention to small day-to-day habits – using fewer paper glasses for water and replacing paper coffee cups with personalized ceramics cups.


For years now, we have been offering our colleagues stone paper agendas that are 100% recyclable, waterproof, and fire-resistant with a smaller impact in the production process, which causes less pollution.


Since 2019 we have implemented an internal program that encourages AROBS employees to pick a charitable cause and bring it to their colleague’s attention for the chance of winning a sponsorship offered by the company. In 2021 we decided to go green and sponsored only green causes with long-term impact on the community. Read more about them below.

AROBS Fight For Your Green Cause 2022

Teen Challenge – 1st place

Coordinated by Cătălin D., the project was organized in collaboration with Teen Challenges NGO. The project’s main objective is to teach young people from the center how to manage their resources better.   

What is the worst type of waste? Human waste. The Teen Challenge is trying to help young people with addictions to get back in touch with their life. Very often, drug or gambling addiction makes people lose their sense of reality and degrade to critical conditions.   

In the rehabilitation program, “Banca de Alimente” is a partner, and the participants learn how to optimize their resources better, learning to reduce and combat food waste.  


Craft the Waste - 2nd place

The project was organized with the NGO Cercetașii Bistrițeni, coordinated by Sorina I., and its primary objective was raising awareness for recycling among the youngest and to increase responsible adults.  

Craft the waste organized over 20 workshops for children from Bistrița county, teaching them How to recycle paper. Even though the project’s initial goal was to have 100 participants, 200 participants registered, both kids and adults.   


The technique taught uses only three elements: a small blender, a sieve, and a few sponges. Apart from raising awareness for the environment and more responsible future adults, the workshop aimed to highlight the benefits of recycling, and stimulate participant’s creativity.  

Another valuable achievement of the project is that children learned to express themselves and create art even from waste. Their 400 masterpieces crafted by them were called eco-mARTișor and were exposed to Târgul de Mărțișor organized by Complexul Muzeal Bistrița-Năsăud. 

AROBS Fight For Your Green Cause - Craft the Waste

Afforestation at Bobâlna Cluj – 3rd place

Coordinated by Daria P. and in collaboration with the Bear Brothers Association, a remarkable achievement was reached in Bobâlna, a commune in Romania near Cluj-Napoca, where 3,500 oak seedlings found their new home. 

Through the restoration of previously affected areas, we foster a sense of responsibility among citizens, raising awareness regarding the environment’s need for help to restore the ecosystem. Afforestation initiatives are a proactive way of engagement for the participants, and they shape responsible citizens necessary for a sustainable future.  

In this initiative, 115 participants came together with enthusiasm to secure a healthier, greener, and more sustainable environment. 


AROBS Fight For Your Green Cause - Bobalna Beard Brothers Afforestation

The urban garden in the heart of the city - Pando Association

Forests are one of the most complex forms of life on Earth. It takes years of evolution to turn into a stable ecosystem as we know them. Thus, planting a forest in the heart of a city can be even more
challenging — nevertheless, Pando Association from Tg. Mureș has found a Japanese – inspired way of reconstructing a small forest in the middle of the urban environment – the Miyawaki afforestation method accelerates a forest’s growth. The process implies a soil study, identifying native plants already adapted to the climate and can grow without too much maintenance.
Such a forest will be growing in the middle of the city’s park in Tg. Mureș, and we are grateful to be able to leave a small footprint of our own in the project. The green spot will improve biodiversity, absorb a part of the carbon in the air and give the local community another reason to enjoy nature.


Little People–Educational & therapeutic activities connected to nature for children suffering from cancer

Cluj-Napoca is a well-known medical center for healing cancer patients, especially children. The Little People is a non-profit organization that collaborates with hospitals and carries out activities that help children suffering from this illness recover more quickly. This year they’ll include a series of educational activities focusing on nature – Earth Day celebration, taking care of plants, selective recycling, the role of forests, discovering natural reservations in Romania, and other playful activities that will soothe the children’s recovery process.


On the paths of the Geopark Mehedinți

The project aims to involve the young generation in activities that help them learn more about the Mehedinți Geopark and further promote the area. The objective is to support non-formal education methods and encourage spending more time connected to nature. Fifteen youngsters participating in the program will go hiking, help mark paths, go cycling and organize a seminar to promote the area to the local community.

We are #MoreThanJustATeam. We are a community. Friends. Partners.

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We are
We are a community. Friends. Partners.

Send your CV and become part of #MoreThanJustATeam.

AROBS Afforestation Actions

2023 – Jucu, Cluj, 10.0000 planted seedlings, 350 volunteers (photo credits: CERT Transilvania)

2022 – 7 mai Mărișel, Cluj-Napoca

2022 – Comuna Scheia, Suceava, 2000 planted seedlings, 50 volunteers

2019 – Tăuți Cluj, 5000 planted seedlings for AROBS Forest, 185 volunteers

We embrace and believe in a work-life balance that we all need.

Balance also means nurturing your passions, being actively part of the community, and acknowledging the vital connection we need to have with the environment we inhabit.

AROBS will continue to support and primarily act on the community’s green needs, creating a legacy of responsibility and care that we wish to leave to future generations.

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