AROBS Forest

We see a forest of 15.344 trees - a new AROBS Forest

AROBS Forest will have 15.344 trees. We committed to the purpose of planting as many trees as the number of kilometers ran in the marathon. AROBS Transilvania Software, one of the leading IT companies in Romania, is proud to support the half marathon in 2019. You may ask yourself, what does software services like IoT software development or Cloud Applications development have to do with running or with the AROBS Forest?

First, the phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano” is one of our strong principles. We believe that a healthy body is essential to a healthy mind. A healthy mind keeps us focused and dedicated to our work.

Second, we also believe in a healthy planet. From the begging AROBS committed to the purpose of this event. Which is to plant a forest. This is not our first encounter with this kind of action. In April this year, a few hundreds of our colleagues with their families planted the first AROBS Forest in Floresti, Cluj.

We will do it again. Because after the competition the results were stunning. 15.344 kilometers were run. This means that next spring 15.344 trees will be planted, and we will indeed have a new AROBS Forest.

A glimpse of AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon 2019 edition

It all started with the children’s race, which took place on Saturday, October 5th, at Cluj Arena. It was a sunny and warm day. Dozens of children signed up for the race. The AROBS children were there too. The emotions were high, and we could see the excitement in the restless feet of the little ones while waiting for the whistle which announced the start. It finally came. And the children started running. They embraced every minute of the race and in the end, they were all rewarded with a medal. The effort, the sweat and the kilometers they run will be transformed in their little AROBS Forest.

The next day, on October 6th, the adults took the central stage at AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon, in Piata Unirii. Hundreds of them dedicated to one ideal. To run as much as they can. To transform every kilometer in a tree. Unlike the previous day, Sunday was cold and rainy. The athletes kept the sun in their hearts and ran with the utmost enthusiasm.

The competition was divided into 4 categories. So, each athlete who wanted to support the good cause had the chance to run at any desired category. They could choose from the 21 km Half Marathon, 10 km Race, 3×7 km Half Marathon Relay or the 7 km Race.

Words are not enough to describe the general vibe of the entire event. People were running, they were taking photographs with their medals, called the loved ones to tell them that they won, drinking the coffee offered by AROBS or eating some goodies to regain their strength.

Leading through the power of example

In AROBS, we believe in leading through the power of example. We want to contribute to the general effort of building a healthy and brave world for every one of us.

This means to get involved in sports competitions, like Mr. Voicu Oprean, CEO & Founder of AROBS Transilvania Software who runs at every edition of AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon or to get your hands dirty while planting a tree that gives 14% of your oxygen.

Many of our colleagues represent AROBS in sports competitions in the country, winning medals and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Also, a lot of AROBS colleagues like to take part in these competitions. At AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon we had a team dressed like clowns running for the good of our planet.

For this reason, AROBS will never stop supporting sports. AROBS will never stop supporting healthy living.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!