Aerospace Engineering Expertise
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Aerospace Engineering Expertise

Your aerospace engineering project requirements
may vary. The announced takeoff date seldom does.
For the past 20+ years, we have rallied tremendous
engineering talent for aerospace engineering solutions.

Systems Software

Our software engineering teams have an impeccable track record of complex embedded systems for the space and aviation
industry, including complex software solutions for several high-profile ESA space crafts and missions and multiple commercial
airborne FAA Level A attested equipment projects.

• All major embedded Real-Time-Operating systems and embedded Linux
• Adapting Software apps and algorithms to seize full benefit of multicore platforms (both AMP and SMP OSes Asymmetric Multi-Processing and Symmetric Multi Processing)
• Board support package (BSP) or software development kit (SDK) development and optimization for all major chipsets
(architectures as ARM, PPC, DSPs, MIPS, and FPGAs)
• Complete APPs design and development as the Internet of Things solutions from the firmware on sensors to Cloud and Mobile APPs)
• UX and UI design and development (for embedded platforms like QT, Win/Linux apps, and Android or iOS)
• Networking stacks and media (TCP/IP, (LE)BT, WiFi, CAN, SPI, PCIe, and others)
• Middleware expertise, including system and platform management software for distributed architectures, along with systems
with a substantial background in resiliency, redundancy, and high availability

Validation, Verification & Test Automation

Working with AROBS Engineering, you can rally substantial expertise to execute rigorous tests and controls for timely,
high-quality delivery of your project.
We have +20 years of knowledge in end-to-end systems development, whether using third-party frameworks and instruments
or from-scratch development of test automation, combined with continuous integration platforms.

Our processes go way above simple testing scenarios. AROBS Engineering offers a comprehensive package:
• Validation of requirements versus product specifications and test scenarios
• Design and implementation of automated test frameworks and test scripts
• Integration with source control
• Requirements management
• Deployment and usage of code coverage and coding style tools
• Automated Software deployment and testing implementation
• Results capture and interpretation
• Dashboard updates

Space and Avionics Certification

Your project will benefit from the consistent background that our software engineering team has, with recognized expertise by the highest certification standards: ESA ECSS and Avionics DO178C/DO254 Level A. We also offer DER services starting with GAP analysis through sign-off, where needed.

Safety & Reliability Engineering

Our portfolio includes projects with influential tier 1 avionics equipment manufacturers to create systems that flaunt reliability and maintainability.
We have also proven expertise with high-quality space systems for which we developed and validated full software platforms, in tight and direct cooperation with our space hardware manufacturing partners.

Space Communications

We have over ten years of experience in space communications projects. We have a long-standing partnership with The
European Space Agency (ESA). Therefore, we are the most suitable option if you are developing either satellite systems or
ground based SatCom related devices – and looking for a partner who is an expert in embedded software.

Airborne Avionics Systems

In the last 20+ years, our expertise grew while working on the following types of projects:
• Flight Management Systems and Control Systems;
• DO-297 Integrated Modular Architectures for avionics (IMA);
• Displays & Graphics Systems Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance;
• Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS);
• Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS);
• Sense and avoid technologies with applications to unmanned aircraft systems;
• Platforms;
• Data Acquisition;
• Real-Time Operating Systems and Networks;
• BSP, BIT, and IoT.

Onboard Spacecraft Systems

We have been the R&D partner of choice for many new space technologies: from us delivering the first multi-core optimized
on-bord software communication and image processing platform, to the first ARM based solution and the first Linux-in-space
hybrid OS systems we developed and tested for ESA.
Many of AROBS Engineering’s operating systems solutions have been deployed in present-day onboard spacecraft projects.

Earth and Space Observation

We developed solutions to monitor and control unified software and hardware for numerous industrial systems, networks, and
equipment in remote locations.
We are members of the Euclid consortium, one of the most ambitious ESA projects that maps the Dark Universe; we deliver
highly optimized massive-parallel processing software implementation for multispectral deep space images (used by scientists
to search for black holes).

Deep understanding of networking technology and solutions for the future of Avionics and Aerospace Systems.

As the avionics industry revs toward connectivity and networking, our experience in critical software Research & Development
naturally increased our focus on avionics and aerospace.

Space2Space and Space2Ground Communication Protocols

Since 2013, we have worked with the European Space Agency (ESA) to create, integrate, and validate CFDP (CCSDS File Delivery
Protocol) communication software platforms.
The solution was successfully used in fully operational IMA-SP (Integrated Modular for Avionics) space frameworks, ensuring the
complete reliability and safety of the networking modules for space communications.

Airborne Network and Communications Gateway

AROBS Engineering is a long-time software partner for global market leaders such as Boeing for sophisticated projects that
enhance aircraft connectivity.

We leverage our expertise for:
• Adding support on the aircraft (software and hardware) for new connectivity media, as in lasers meant to replace or expand
the current radio frequency system for satellite links;
• Onboard micro-GSM base-stations;
• Onboard WiFi (parallel networks for infotainment);
• Implementing software and firmware for new onboard gateways and routers to help converge new multiple physical media
connections (DO-178C and 254-based requirements);
• Time and Space Partitioning (ARINC-653 and IMA-SP compliant) software solutions to split and secure critical SW
components from non-critical ones to improve passenger infotainment.


New 5G networks require migration from dedicated networking equipment to virtualized SW network functions. It impacts
user requirements, for example, in intelligent aircraft and drones.
AROBS Engineering is already shaping new 5G networks with products and expert services for:
• High-performance, low-footprint Edge and Access NFV SW platforms;
• Packet inspection security platform;
• Leading software video optimization services for both GSM end-user and industry use cases, as in drone border surveillance
• Enhancing Proxy software solution for Earth and SATCOM traffic (TCP/IP, QUICK, HTTP2, etc.).

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