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Cybersecurity solutions and information security for the strategic development of strong companies across industries

The world has reached new horizons of interconnectivity in the era of the digital revolution. Yet, the privilege of the increased online accessibility for businesses has come with the price of complex cyber-attacks and threats. These can infiltrate any company’s vulnerable security systems and cause an unexpected loss of financial resources and time. In order to avoid data and economical loss, enterprise cybersecurity solutions & penetration testing services come in handy for organizations of all sizes.

To ensure that organizations are well prepared to face cyberattacks, penetration testing is a must-have. Experts can assess system vulnerabilities, defense capabilities, security standard compliance, and incident response readiness by simulating a potential cyberattack.

In a recent study, 85 percent of organizations approved of a budget increase for pen testing as a risk management measure. Our cybersecurity specialists have extensive expertise in offering penetration testing services for various industries, helping enterprises strengthen their protection & be prepared for potential threats.

According to securitymagazine.com in 2022 there was a 38% increase in the number of cyber attacks, than in the previous year.

Given the context, investing in enterprise cybersecurity solutions and information security is a top priority today for organizational health;
it can assure your company’s resilience under unpredictable circumstances.

AROBS is a top-level outsourcing software solutions company with over 25 years of experience and complex knowledge of various markets and industries – Automotive, IoT, Life Sciences, Enterprise Solutions, Travel&Hospitality, and Fintech.

Aside from providing state-of-art software development for business partners worldwide, we gathered a strong team of cybersecurity experts that can evaluate, analyze data, consult and implement a bottom-up security strategy to protect all the valuable areas of your organization.

Whether we’re talking about a digital transformation, platform migration, merging operational systems, custom software development, or corporate consulting in security information, or enterprise cybersecurity solutions, our portfolio includes them.

Cybersecurity starts with Secured Software Development

Given the increased frequency of cyber threats, we adopt a proactive stance in our activity, fostering a culture of heightened security awareness among our team. Continuous improvement is at our core, with workshops focusing on the latest security standards, including ISO 27001:2022, focusing on secure coding controls. Our commitment extends to certain software development practices and tools, ensuring the resilience of your information systems.

With over 50 accredited certifications, our team specializes in penetration testing, process audits, vulnerability management, preventive actions, and threat hunting. Together with our cybersecurity experts, we can protect your company against threats, setting new standards for information security in your company. Also, our Security and Compliance department, including our experts, contributes to conducting, developing, monitoring, and auditing all implemented technical and organizational measures related to the secure development process according to the industry, customer, legislative, and business requirements

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Our specialists certifications

Top-notch team

Implementing a solid layer of cybersecurity systems and information security for many organizations while maintaining
full-functionality can be a time-consuming challenge.

Our team works with industry leading technologies that smoothly integrate into your business and implement high-end enterprise cybersecurity
solutions in the most convenient timeframe possible for your organization—assuring, at the same time, activity flow and data

Our experts are industry certified and provide high standards strategies created for future-ready companies that thrive
empowered by technology.

Our approach

penetration testing services


We identify and analyze the attacked surface and vulnerabilities.
Define a mitigation plan for cyberattacks.


Define processes and procedures to respond to a potential attack.
Define contingencies for business resilience.



Discuss a set of governance policies.
Assess and redo: make sure the organization remains prepared.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

Penetration testing services

Penetration testing services (or pentest) are a form of ethical cybersecurity assessment designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities affecting computer networks, systems, applications, and websites. The weaknesses discovered must be addressed, as the top priority, to mitigate the risk of suffering a malicious attack.

Processes audit

The audit reviews internal processes to identify potential information security threats and weaknesses. We carefully document every operation and system, whether we're talking about analyzing the data you collect, credentials, logins, and related permissions and rights.

Vulnerability management

It implies defining key risk areas, analyzing scan results with intelligence-driven context, customizing reporting for clear visibility, and coordinating remediation activities.

Preventive actions

They are complementary actions that sustain information security, including business continuity and a backup plan that can keep your organization operating in case of a business-disruption attack.

Threat hunting

We manage the process of outlining existing threats and discovering new ones to help businesses better protect their IT systems. Our team proactively searches for emerging threats as they target servers, endpoints, and networks.

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Top benefits for implementing Cybersecurity and Information Security in your company

The probability of cyberattacks has severely increased. A Cybersecurity Ventures Report shows that global ransomware could
reach 42 billion dollars by 2024 and even exceed 265 billion by 2031.

Cybersecurity services are not just about risk management. They’ve become an essential part of the strategic development
process, merged in every aspect of its layers: from staff training and awareness to product creation and end-consumer.

Data Protection
Data Protection

One of the most valuable assets is your company's confidential data. Securing access is vital for the organization, employees, and business partners.

Financial Security
Financial Security

It protects your intellectual property and corporate information to avoid activity disruption and potential money loss.


Helps maintain a trustworthy and clean reputation in the industry, protects clients' and customers' trust, avoids a media crisis, and wins over new clients.

Productivity & Secure Operations
Productivity & Secure Operations

A secure system assures an uninterrupted productivity cycle, leading to meeting standards and delivery deadlines.

Product Quality
Product Quality

Creating products with integrated security layers makes them a top-shelf option for buyers.

Customer trust
Customer trust

Consumers are aware of the digital threats and are looking for security-focused products and services. Positioning your business as a standard compliant company differentiates you from competitors.

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Most common cyber-threats that could affect your business


One of the most common cyber threats is malicious software like viruses, trojans, or spyware. It damages an authorized user's computer. Mainly spread through email attachments and suspicious emails under a false identity.


A type of malware blocks a user's account and data, threatening to delete them unless the company or individual pays a ransom.


Cybercriminals target victims with emails that impersonate legitimate companies and ask for sensitive information. Phishing attacks are often used to obtain credit card data and other personal information.

Man-in-the-middle attack

Through an unsecured WiFi network, attackers could intercept data from the victim's device like a password to the company's network, leading to easy access for them.

Cybersecurity for industries

Public institutions

Among the most threatened organizations are public institutions that own an immense amount of confidential data that can affect general security and safety. Thus, our company collaborates with the public institutions in our present communities by being involved in the digitalization process and providing secure solutions.

Banks and financial institutions

Fintech is growing expertise in our company's portfolio. Developing financial technology solutions involves including information security operations from scratch, which we strive to accomplish in our projects.

Healthcare institutions

Our healthcare software division provides solutions at the highest quality and security standards for significant stakeholders in the e-pharma industry and clinical trials. Health records, clinical research, patients records, and social security numbers are all protected by the software's complex architecture that we build.


The travel industry is also an area of expertise for AROBS. The hotel industry attracts cyberattacks due to many financial transactions online during the booking process. Working with large reservation platforms serving thousands of clients has helped us design and implement robust information security systems that successfully prevented cyberattacks.


Visible businesses such as large corporations are equally vulnerable as they are exposed. Public business data can lure potential cybersecurity attacks very easily. Being ourselves in this category, we know very well that valuable information such as product concepts, intellectual property, strategies, client databases, and contracts must be protected by various layers of information security. To ensure your organization can surpass a cyberattack successfully, we support these security layers with penetration testing services.

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