Squats for bus tickets – AROBS for the local community

Community health is one of the most important areas of involvement for the private sector. Because the most impactful initiatives involve at least three stakeholders: the community, public administration, and the private sector. And this is exactly the case of the Health Ticket (Biletul de Sanatate) project, where AROBS, opens the line of privately-owned companies, mostly of software development that support the local community in Cluj-Napoca.

The Health Ticket

The idea is simple, yet very effective. Do twenty squats and you’ll get your bus ticket. This project was created by SportsFestival with the support of the local administration with the sole objective of making the community realize the importance of a healthier lifestyle through a workout.

The Community Health Station

Encouraged by the success of the pilot program, where over 13 500 tickets were “sold” for over 270 000 squads, the local administration decided to expand the project until the end of this year. Also, it has renamed one of its central bus stations The Health Station.

AROBS supporting innovation

The value of the tickets is supported by AROBS between 15-31 of October, and this count of just one of many sports and community health-related initiatives that AROBS is supporting.

“It is an initiative that happily complements the sports and healthy lifestyle initiatives we support. The year 2020 was very poor in sports events, and AROBS directed its financial efforts to support medical institutions in all counties where we have offices and teams. The health ticket is a project that attracts the people of Cluj to do sports in a fun way, in the middle of the city. It’s not a half marathon or a triathlon, almost anyone can do 20 knee bends and travel eco and free through Cluj-Napoca.” said our Voicu Oprean, AROBS’ Founder&CEO.

AROBS, the company founded over 20 years ago in the heart of Cluj continues to be involved in community projects, despite the difficulties of today.

AROBS for community health

The Health Ticket is a source of pride for all the people of Cluj, but AROBS is not only involved in innovative projects in Cluj. The company with almost 1000 employees internationally, continuously collaborates with organizations and educational institutions in all offices in Romania: Cluj, Arad, Baia-Mare, Targu Mures, Iasi, Suceava, and Bucharest.


Image source: AROBS

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