AROBS Polska Paves the Way for Future Space Communication with Successful ESA PDR

Our team from AROBS Polska has achieved a significant milestone in developing “Fibre in the Sky” technology. The HydRON (High thRoughput Optical Network) project, led by the European Space Agency (ESA), aims to create an ultra-fast, optical telecommunications network in space. The COTS FPGA Technology for Onboard Switching project, commissioned by ESA, focuses on designing and building network switches capable of transmitting data at 100 Gbit/s per differential pair. Our Polish team passed the  PDR (Preliminary Design Review).

About AROBS Polska

AROBS Polska became part of the AROBS Group in 2023. We strengthened our aerospace and embedded systems business line expertise with their knowledge. Joining us with expertise in advanced technologies like optical and quantum communication, we welcomed a new technological pool to expand our software capabilities for our partners. AROBS Polska’s area of expertise revolves around developing dedicated electronic systems, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) code, and embedded software, thus fortifying our aerospace industry position and expanding our embedded systems capabilities.

AROBS Polska's Key Role in the COTS FPGA Project

We congratulate the Polish team for their outstanding work on the project! Their expertise in designing and building ultra-high-throughput network switches was crucial for the challenges of this innovative technology.


Efficient Onboard Switching

The successful completion of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for COTS FPGA Technology is a testament to AROBS Polska’s dedication. This innovative approach utilizes readily available, commercially produced Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to design the network switches onboard the satellite. This ensures cost-effective solutions and faster development cycles, making this technology more accessible for a broader range of space programs.

HydRON: Building the "Fibre in the Sky" Network

The HydRON project is a pioneering initiative dedicated to developing and demonstrating the “Fibre in the Sky” technology. This revolutionary network will resemble fibre optic cables on Earth but connect satellites and other spacecraft in space, enabling significantly improved internet speeds compared to current systems. The program is currently focused on building a demonstration system to test its feasibility, with ESA collaborating with industry partners like AROBS Polska to develop the necessary technologies.

AROBS Polska: Partner in Advanced Space Technology

With their expertise, they can actively participate in creating the future of high-speed space networks. The COTS FPGA project exemplifies their ability to tackle complex challenges in designing and building ultra-high-throughput network switches. AROBS Polska is a great partner for R&D projects, having already worked with partners from academia and ESA. We are very proud of their commitment to furthering space technologies.

Their special capacity to use FPGAs is not limited to space use. Harnessing our power as a group, using this technology is limitless. By leveraging the combined strengths of the AROBS Group, this powerful tool holds limitless potential across diverse industries. We invite you to partner with us and unlock FPGA technology’s possibilities to propel your endeavours forward.

AROBS Group's Capabilities

AROBS Polska’s commitment to the future of space extends far beyond “Fibre in the Sky.” Our expertise encompasses advanced space technologies with vast potential across industries, including laser ranging and quantum key distribution. You can learn more about AROBS Polska’s expertise here.

AROBS Engineering, part of the AROBS Group, has worked with the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2013. Our software engineers are highly skilled at creating complex computer programs for aeroplanes and spacecraft. We’ve built software for important ESA projects and helped companies get FAA approval for their aeroplane equipment.

If you are interested in our combined efforts for space, you can read more about them here.

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