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Infotainment – Secondary displays


Infotainment or secondary displays in automotive software engineering services assure connectivity and the best possible enjoyment when on the road, from radio to getting online. Embedded software services also plays an essential role in developing such components. Everything that the driver needs for entertainment he/she can now enjoy in the car. 

Even though infotainment systems are relatively new to vehicles their popularity is growing. Therefore it is one of the keys driving demand. However, besides entertainment, it provides essential data as well, like navigation. This is how infotainment is a combination of information and entertainment.

Since demand is growing, so does the market. It is estimated by MarketsandMarkets that the infotainment market will reach over USD 30 billion by 2022.

Infotainment is the key to the future in-car experience

With the dawn of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, the in-car experience will drastically change. Simple head-up displays, navigation or multimedia support will be replaced by increasingly complex connectivity based on user experience. 

Infotaiment will be a key factor in enhancing the independence of the driver. Autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems are already taking charge of many car features. Thus, the driver has more time to focus on other things while driving. Also, minimizing human error, it increases the safety of the passengers.

Our secondary display expertise includes:

  •  Connected radio 
  •  Navigation
  •  Multimedia systems
  •  Embedded telematics (remote update SW, remote diagnosis, eCall)
  •  Device connectivity
  •  Software & special solutions (Integrated third-party Bluetooth stacks)
  •  Multimedia (audio/video) backend – playback and indexing of media files (with Tracker from Gnome)
  •  Device connectivity – Integrated modules for CarPlay, Android Auto, MTP, UPNP, Bluetooth
  •  Voice notes
  •  Speech to Text


Technologies for infotainment:

  • Linux
  • Genivi
  • ARM
  • DBUS
  • RTOS

We provide customized software, hardware, mechanical design solutions, and system testing for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

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