What is Space Technology? Use Cases and the Future of SpaceTech

Space technology has emerged as a significant growth industry in recent years, with advancements in hardware and software technologies driving greater efficiency and success in space missions. The industry is driven by a desire to explore and utilize the vast resources available beyond Earth’s boundaries, as well as the need for advanced technologies to support a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, earth observation, and scientific research.

What is space technology and why is it important?

The global SpaceTech economy is expected to grow to $10T by 2030. Space technology is the hardware, equipment, and systems used in space exploration and development, as well as the technologies and processes used to support their operation and maintenance.  

“The orbital age is the next industrial revolution driven by the underlying technologies that are commercializing space” says a Washington Post article. A daring declaration also made by Sierra Space that demonstrates the potential expected from New Space. Businesses that invest in space technology (spacetech) have the potential to achieve significant returns, while contributing to the development of a vital and rapidly growing industry that holds the promise of shaping the future of human civilization. 

The segmentation of spacetech software

Software plays a critical role in driving success and efficiency in spacetech operations. In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving space industry, the use of cutting-edge software solutions is essential for organizations looking to achieve their goals and remain at the forefront of the field. 

Software for space technology can be considered part of both the upstream and downstream segments of the space value chain. 

In the upstream segment, software is involved in the design, development, and testing of spacecraft and satellites. This includes software for the simulation and modeling of space systems, as well as software for the control and management of spacecraft and satellites during development and testing. 

In the downstream segment, software is involved in the operation and utilization of spacecraft and satellites. This includes software for the control and management of satellites in orbit, as well as software for the processing, analysis, and exploitation of satellite data. 

Use cases of space technology

The power of space technology is facilitated by satellites, but it extends further than them. As this field gains momentum and funding, space technology continues to expand into new and exciting areas of research and development. From telecommunications and remote sensing to Earth observation and space exploration, the potential applications of space technology are vast and varied. 

  • Satellite Launches and Operations: launching and operating satellites for communications, earth observation, navigation, and other purposes.
  • Spacecraft and Satellite Manufacturing: this segment involves the design, development, and production of spacecraft and satellites for various applications.
  • Space-Based Services: provides services such as satellite imagery, weather forecasting, satellite communications, and GPS navigation. 
  • Space Tourism: involves companies that offer space tourism services, such as suborbital and orbital spaceflights for paying customers. 
  • Ground Support Equipment and Services: equipment and services for the support of spacecraft and satellite launches and operations. 
  • Space Robotics and Automation: design and manufacture of robots and automated systems for use in space exploration and satellite servicing. 
  • Space Research and Development: research and development of new space technologies and applications. 

Some key industries that utilize space technology include telecommunications, military and defense, weather forecasting, navigation, earth observation and remote sensing, and scientific research. 

AROBS Engineering and space technology

From mission control software that provides real-time monitoring and control of spacecraft and satellites, to ground support software that streamlines operational processes, you need software services that are reliable. By leveraging software solutions, organizations can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of their operations, reducing costs and mitigating risks, and increasing productivity and profitability. 

It all sounds great, but the task at hand is greater. 

AROBS specializes in quality software solutions that can fully integrate with the onboard spacecraft software. We partner with ESA and helped develop a ground-space communication solution and a multicore implementation for spacecraft on-board image compression. A challenge that often places boundaries in the smooth operation of a space project is the ability to process large amounts of data from space to Earth and vice versa. Clear images of deep space have more than 1.5 billion pixels and the file size can vary. One photo from space can reach up to “70 terabytes of radio wave imaging data and it can take three years to process”. This amount of data must be transferred in a substandard condition, considering that the transfer line isn’t as efficient as it is on Earth. 

With this successful partnership, the AROBS team demonstrated its capability to develop and implement high-quality software solutions for the space industry. The company’s innovative approach to tackling the challenges of processing and transferring large amounts of data from space to Earth paved the way for all future space missions to use a proven, stable, and optimized CFDP technology. 

AROBS Engineering‘ proven track record of delivering reliable and efficient solutions makes it a valuable partner for any space project seeking to overcome complex technical hurdles. The future of New Space can only be sustained with reliable, innovative, and specifically designed software. We offer groundbreaking results for interstellar visions.

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