Embedded software... everywhere! (Part II)

Embedded software is really everywhere because almost every industry relies on computer systems. Find out more in the second part of this article.

In the first part of this article, we raised a quite important question – what exactly does the coffee machine have in common with a space rocket? It’s intriguing, admit it!  And we continued with a brief introduction about the embedded and its application in the IoT and Telecommunications industries. However, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, now it’s the time to find out where these computer systems hide!

Let’s see where else in our daily lives bump into embedded software development.

Embedded & Automotive

You check the latest news, you get in the car and go to work on a daily basis. Nothing surprising about it, right? Things seem so monotonous. If we could only see the embedded software around us, everything would become fascinating. What if this digital world took a tangible form? Probably the usual route to work would always be different.

Whether we are Top Gear Fans or saw all the Fast and Furious series, we have to admit the fact that cars are a necessity most of the times. Even more, the automotive industry is actually the largest user of embedded software and systems. Everything we know today as ABS, TCS or ESP are just traditional embedded systems, while modern complex systems focus on electric or hybrid cars.

But even if all these aren’t in plain sight, they are integrated a lot of devices around us, in our cars, homes, phones, and provide us a comfortable lifestyle thanks to embedded software services specialists.

Embedded software in medicine

It seems hard to imagine that you could be operated by a robot, right? Nevertheless, their contribution to medicine and precision might save your life at one point. From the classic medical examination to the treatment of various health issues, these computer systems fight alongside with doctors. Thanks to them, we have tomograph computers, electrocardiographs, glucometers, ultrasounds, or even surgical robots.

Surgical robots, equipped with embedded software, have changed the medical industry completely, managing to improve techniques and overcome the classic limits in surgery. Therefore, through this technology, we all benefit from the most advanced medical techniques. Thanks to embedded systems, today we have an advanced medical industry, which marks exceptional results, with drastically reduced risks.

Embedded…in the sky

We’ve all wondered, at least once, how planes work. But over time, our curiosity faded and we looked at aircrafts only as a mere way of transport. If you still kept though a bit of curiosity regarding the subject, you should know, however, that embedded systems are used to assure the safety of air transport.

Furthermore, overcoming the barriers of the observable universe, the exploration of outer space would not have been possible without the embedded system. The International Space Station is also based on a lot of embedded software that ensure its proper functioning.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is safety and a favourable life climate for astronauts. Temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen are just some of the vital conditions, which must be constantly adjusted to the optimal parameters. These conditions are maintained with the help of embedded software. Yes, we weren’t kidding when we said that embedded is everywhere.


As you can see, embedded software is found in most of the industries and contribute greatly to the development of the whole society. The computer systems with well-defined purposes, which simplify our lives so much, have become so widespread that they seem to have become something natural. Their applicability is so prevalent that it would take us weeks to mention them all.

Finally, we need to reveal one more detail – even embedded systems are interconnected.

P.S.: Now you know what your coffee machine has in common with a space rocket!


Image source: Pixabay 

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