SAS Grup - the top leading fleet management company relaunches website

With more than 17 years of experience in the telematics area, SAS Grup,  the top leading company in fleet management services, is the first manufacturer of GPS systems in Romania and one of the most important distributors of car fleet management services. Now, part of the AROBS Group, SAS Grup presents the new website.

In order to provide a pleasant and modern experience, the main domain of the company, under the name of has been re-launched with a new interface. With the used technology, customers benefit from a new experience: friendly, fast and accessible from any smart device.

What stood behind this decision?

The new website design comes with new sections and restructures all the information that already existed on the site. Now, the clients can find an intuitive form adapted to modern information access needs.

The decision behind this action was based on the desire of SAS Grup experts to have a platform at the same pace with consumers. The company wants a much better-defined online image and a more accessible and better-structured communication path .

The new site aims to communicate as efficiently as possible with the telematics consumer, in which all the data is clearly structured and highlights the information of interest. The advantages of consumers, the devices and the technologies used are highlighted.

The new site is closer to customers and sheds new light on the image of the company, the products and services marketed. The products offered by the company are based on the latest technology on the market.

In this way, the SAS Group customers can easily reach all the products they need.

What can you find at SAS Grup?

The company offers the latest generation of GPS devices. The models FMB110 and FMB120, which have low power consumption, small size, are light and durable. They work on large trucks and small cars, agricultural vehicles, or boats and scooters.

The GPS systems equipped with the latest technologies, provide monitoring services at the highest standards. Therefore, SAS Group experts are constantly developing software solutions that they subsequently use in streamlining the process of fleet management.

The maps used by the our GPS systems contain all the necessary elements for the precise location of any vehicle.

Our clients, such as Ambient, Pambac, Groupama, Vel Pitar and others recommend and successfully use the products of SAS Grup.

SAS Grup, the top leading company in fleet management services is a part of AROBS Transilvania Software since 2018.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!