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Voicu Oprean, Entrepreneur file, the second part

Part II of the interview with Voicu Oprean, Founder & CEO of AROBS made by Ovidiu Mâțan, the founder of Today Software Magazine about the very beginnings of IT industry in the birthplace of AROBS.

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Apart from the activity in AROBS, you are also an investor. Can you speak about some of the start-ups or companies in which you have recently invested?

I would like to mention Soundmix – a software solution that launched a social network, where the fans of electronic music can watch together live streams from their favourite DJs and festivals. With Soundmix you may experiment live electronic music from DJs, festivals and nightclubs, and you may discover unique and exclusive content.

There’s also Ebriza, which totally transforms what we know now as cashier, sales and management software: they can be accessed online, non-stop, from any device, and you can see in real-time the company’s activity, inventories, and sales. Moreover, Ebriza integrates businesses from HORECA, retail or services with their suppliers or service providers, applications for orders or booking by means of a marketplace open to all developers.

In addition to IT, I also invested in businesses dealing with bioproducts distribution, such as Managis Bio.

I am also a mentor and a coach for many start-ups, entrepreneurs in the business area. I am willing to meet anytime with entrepreneurs for interesting projects, in any field, but mainly in software.

What is your advice to someone willing to develop his/her own product/start-up?

Firstly, he or she should never stop learning. That’s what I also do, I have an EMBA from Wu Wien and I attend courses both at Harvard Business School and London Business School.

Secondly, he or she should continuously develop their technical and business skills. In this regard, I would suggest my winning formula to be applied in business:

[IQ + EQ + TQ + BQ] to CQ power

Curious about what the formula means? Check out the whole interview on Medium: the whole Part II and Part I.

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