How to choose the best fleet management system?

What does a good fleet management system mean? What are its features? How it behaves or who has this kind of system? These are the most frequent questions of the companies that own vehicles. The answer comes from SAS Grup.

SAS Grup offers GPS monitoring solutions for over 17 years, while it managed to meet the requirements of hundreds of clients, in different industries.

The advantages

Once a part of SAS Grup family, the clients benefit from a free consulting program, with more annual or semi-annual training sessions to learn how to use the GPS system properly and effectively.

The telematics web application developed by the SAS experts is faster, secure, complete and very easy to use. Using OLAP technology, all information is processed even before the clients’ requests, to be ready for report delivery.

Custom made application

The solutions provided by SAS Group are customizable. The starting point is the basic solution and from there you can add software or hardware features so that in the end, any request will have a perfect result.

Cost efficiency

The Fleet monitoring services help you to make costs more efficient, save time, monitor any route, any unnecessary stationary or fuel consumption, as can be confirmed by our customers.

Customer feedback

As an example, Boromir, one of the biggest bakery company in Romania, chose to be our client and recommends us as trustworthy people. From them, we found out that by using our GPS monitoring system brought to Boromir company a dramatic change in costs related to the car fleet. It helped them to effectively manage the vehicles and make a correct diagnose when something went wrong.

ALS Automotive chose as well to work with us. They are satisfied by the quality of the services provided by SAS Grup, the application responds speed, as well as the fact that it is very easy to use. Moreover, for ALD Automotive, the solutions that we propose are considered to be optimal and at a decent price.

Ambient appreciates the quality of the after-sale services. For the people of Ambient, the fact that SAS Grup offers consulting, maintenance services and even training is extremely important. This motivates them to continually trust our services and stay by our side as a trusty client.

SAS Grup is a proud part of AROBS Transilvania Software since 2018.

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