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Precision farming and sustainability


Precision farming is not a new concept. It boosts the efficiency of agriculture with the use of technology. However, the output is something even more important, sustainability.

With the use of customized software development that now leans into the field of IoT agriculture becomes more manageable than ever before. Therefore, with precise forecast, real-time, and near-real-time monitoring, accurate measurement, has three main benefits.

It maximizes output, increases workplace safety, and facilitates sustainability.

Maximized output

Until then use of IoT technology for agricultural purposes this sector was characterized by intense labor, volatility, and high vulnerability to climatic factors. Furthermore, there are two definitory changes: the exponential increase in demand due to the growth of the global population and global warming. These create circumstances that require to speed-up precision farming.

According to the UN, currently, the world’s population is 7.6 billion. By 2050 we will reach 9.7 billion and 11.2 billion by 2100. At the same time, the average number of calories needed to sustain the body at rest is around 2000/day/person. This is the main reason for the need for maximized output.

Increased work safety

Agricultural labor is one of the most exposed to injuries. These accidents take up to almost 20% of all workplace injuries. Given the repetitive tasks, workers are less aware of the dangers of their job. With automation, the worker doesn’t need to have direct contact with dangerous machinery.

Furthermore, these are more exposed to respiratory risks, heath stress, chemical hazards, and noise pollution.

Among the most relevant technologies to be used are agricultural robots, satellite imagery, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, according to the EU. These are stipulated in the declaration of cooperation for a sustainable digital future for European Agriculture.

With precision agriculture these risks are minimized, hence this is the most efficient way to keep agriculture worker’s safety.


With the help of big data, the right amount of resources is being used for certain agricultural purposes. Thus, unnecessary use of these is avoided, which not only results in cost-efficiency but also sustainability. The right distribution of resources leads to an environment-friendly approach to this essential sector for humanity.

Avoiding waste is essential for sustainability. Through technology, farmers have exact data about the status of crops, fields, or animals. Hence, agricultural workers can intervene strictly where it is needed. Also, by reducing the use of toxic material like pesticides agriculture becomes less harmful to the environment. Plus, through automatic checking, the farmers reduce fuel-consumption drastically.

Hence, there are several advantages to using precision farming. Not only for the increasing profitability but for the safety of labor, and most importantly for a sustainable future.

However, studies show that there is still a reticence in adopting this technology. The main reason is the fear of the unknown and the attachment of traditional methods, outweighing all proven benefits.

Precision farming expertise

The best way of fighting it the education and self-education of the decision-makers in the agricultural industry. The first step is finding trust-worthy partners with expertise. With over 20 years of experience in software outsourcing for multiple industries, the expertise on IoT and Enterprise Solutions stands out in AROBS.

From successful projects on forestry to agriculture, industry know-how is the most valuable asset. Results like forest growth calculation models, laser scanning forest assets, integrated map systems, simultaneous management of 8000 projects, 10 times improved response time, and many more. 

Choose your partner and embrace the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

Image source: Pixabay

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