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smart agriculture

Farming management software project for smart agriculture

Smart agriculture needs special expertise in product development. A farming management software system, using the latest software tools

With the created project management application, the client improved overall business indicators, centralizing all crucial data.

Social impact is one of our core values. Working on projects that reflect our values is a privilege. This is the case with this project, a
cloud-native application for an NGO that helps other worldwide NGOs prosper in the agriculture sector.

Our colleagues from the custom enterprise software development department of AROBS worked on this project. 

Business challenge of the farming management project

Our client needed consultancy in order to improve the outdated management software system. So, we challenged ourselves towards understanding the requirements of the business. With the help of their business analyst, everything fell into place, communication improved, and the previous application was entirely re-coded.

The second challenge was to move the built application to the latest technologies.

The final challenge was to integrate a timesheet application for accounting purposes, very useful for farming management.

AROBS Approach

The client was open to new ideas, so we approached them with suggestions for improvement. Afterwards we negotiated the implementation time, offering different deployment solutions, highlighting the pros and cons of each in order to facilitate the decision-making process based on our expertise.


  • Angular
  • PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • HTML5
  • Material design
  • Responsive design
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes
  • High-availability
  • OneLogin

Benefits and impact of the smart farming system

The farming management application significantly improved overall business and

  •  increased transparency on business processes, generating accurate reports
  • timesheet and accounting features that save time and money
  • integrated 5 third-party applications, including timesheet and accounting features that save time and money
  • has data warehouse making the user able to verify past activities in great details
  • facilitates the work of over 200 NGOs, managing over 8,000 projects
  • improved response time by over 10 times
  • provides push notification that helps the communication and tracking of every project

More on smart agriculture, smart farming technologies and farming management

Smart agriculture is a farming management theory utilizing modern technology to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural products.

Farmers in the 21st century have access to GPS, soil scanning, data management, project management tools, and Internet of Things and smart farming technologies. By measuring variations within a field and adapting the plan consequently, farmers can greatly increase the efficacy of fertilizers and pesticides and use them selectively.

Likewise utilizing Smart Farming technology, farmers can better their farming management using from IoT smart systems to integrated project management tools.

Smart agriculture entails integration of innovative technologies into persisting agricultural practices with a view to improve production quality and efficacy for farming products.

It helps in farming with the selection of data for additional analysis to offer the operator with accurate information for improved decision making to acquire high quality output of the goods.

A technically innovative farming management system rooted on observing, measuring and reacting to intra-field variables in goods. The objective of smart agriculture study is to ground a decision making support system for farm management.

A system that optimizes and assesses how high tech farming can aid the manufacturing output in addition to focuses on the preservation of resources.

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