Technology events are going online


Our universe has transformed radically in a fraction of time – it seems that we have closed our eyes for just one second, and when we opened them, we were in a whole new world. However, the technology events keep up with the changes produced by the fast spread of coronavirus, through technological development. This pandemic is forcing companies to digitize and opt for IT outsourcing in a high percentage, moving a wide range of activities in the online space.

Among these activities, we find a vast series of technological development events, that instead of being cancelled, take place in the virtual space. Furthermore, all these efforts lead both to the well-being and health of people, and also forming a sense of belonging to a community, an online community. State-of-art technology is the best alternative to replace the experience of human interaction.

If you don’t go to the event, the event comes to you!


A list of technology events, scheduled for the current year, have changed their form in the online space. Among them, we find:

For these technology events were found interactive methods of organizing, including online meetings, Q&A sessions and even virtual tours.

Due to technological development the online space has become more accessible lately, people still tend to give more value to face-to-face interactions. Because it is a new situation that has required drastic change, online technology events are relatively new products, and people may be reluctant.  Therefore, an effective solution is to reorganize the time plan and content, creating an interactive virtual setting that will captivate the audience. Thereupon, the transmitted information must be compressed because people cannot sit in front of a computer as much as they would stay at an actual event.

At a distance of a … click!


Event organizers often deal with last-minute crises: either the special guest announces that cannot come anymore, or there are operational problems.  Consequently, their current challenge is to move events online. From moving office work to working from home, there have been various struggles at every step.

At AROBS, we focus on the health of our employees and customers, so we opted for the work from home option from an early stage. Founded in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca, AROBS is an outsoucing company, which offers tailor-made software services. Our software development teams continue to work in these times to offer customers the services they need, at a top quality. We also try to maintain team spirit and human connection through constant online communication.

For most businesses, this is a stressful time. However, things should not be left to chance, but rather to build a favorable atmosphere to development and transformation. Especially now, when the online technology events help you to be constantly informed about the latest trends.

The online sphere manages to sustain the normal state and the proper running of things in this difficult situation. As a result, moving events in the online lead to many advantages, such as – ease creation of media content which can be viewed by a lot of people around the globe. There is also the possibility of publishing media materials after these technology events.

Therefore, technological development is proving its importance, especially now, by providing a pleasant work environment, human interaction and by supporting businesses progress, digitalization and reinvention.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!