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AROBS - a dedicated partner

AROBS – a dedicated partner? Don’t believe us. Believe our collaborator!


When it comes to IT outsourcing Romania, AROBS is a confident choice for many Western countries. Given its highly skilled professionals and adaptiveness to new technology, we are delivering high-level expertise to numerous industries.

Hear our collaborator from the USA:

“It was a great experience working with the AROBS team on a large multi-year project for one of our Pharma clients.”

AROBS – a dedicated partner

“The AROBS team’s flexibility and dedication to the project, and knowledge of different aspects of technologies, as well as their ongoing support,  made our job so much easier when it came to building the portal and supporting our clients. Collaboration between our internal development team and AROBS’ team was effortless. 

Everyone was very professional and understanding of the business as well as agile at completing the job with accuracy. It was a pleasure working with AROBS and we will definitely hire them again.”

Peter Lyons, D2 Creative


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