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People of AROBS – The Life Sciences & IoT Team

Our Life Sciences & IoT software development team’s best work ethic? Genuine care for human wellbeing, applied in both developing e-pharma solutions and IoT software.

As a matter of fact, at the moment, Life Sciences & IoT are two “popular” subjects among people worldwide.

How? The e-pharma has become the main pillar on which world health is relying at the moment, thanks to the evolution of healthcare software solutions. The fast progress in creating and releasing into market efficient cures and vaccines wouldn’t be even close to possible if software development wouldn’t be at the core of the process.

Also, merging our daily living space with the office space, made us rely more on high connectivity, smart devices and home automation systems for a more manageable home environment. As a result, the IoT industry thrives with speed.

Considering the context, there wouldn’t have been a better time to have a talk with our Life Sciences&IoT team, who are currently feeling the pulse of both the e-pharma and IoT industry.

Marina B., Configuration Specialist

"I came to AROBS with the desire of exploring new territories of this buzzword nowadays „software company”, curious to work in a Romanian company at origins (aka, „stay local”), and why not, out of pure luck. Though my luck was entering this exact department, in the configuration team. For almost two years now I like more and more what I found here. My integration was fast, and as I experienced it, you are supported for real to grow professionally. Started as a Configuration Specialist, now I combine this role with the Team Lead position in a wonderful team. What I appreciate in my work, it’s not just one thing, in particular, it’s everything that I found here: the qualities I see in every colleague, the knowledge, solidarity, friendship, openness. In other words – team spirit. Something valuable this period and also, very underestimated. Nevertheless, the project itself makes me feel like what we deliver, actually impacts people’s lives that we don’t even interact with. Plus the tech part makes me overcome my limits. And that’s no small thing. 2020, by default, was a challenge from beginning to end. I can say I felt that insecurity because of lack of socializing with the team, more of a panic-induced by society. And nobody knew where things are heading. Yet again, this bump was smoothly deprecated, which shows the importance of the human factor in the process. Furthermore, this year I only wish to become a better version of myself, finish some training recently started and grow, as agile as possible in the Life Sciences&IoT team."

Bogdan C., .NET Software Developer

"What I love most about my work is the community. I found quality people in the Life Sciences&IoT team, always ready to help and open to teaching you. Regarding the work itself in e-pharma, it is for sure fulfilling considering the actual context. I started in the programming field some years before arriving in AROBS. But I found here real professionals that I learned from and still learning. At the moment I’m a .NET Full Stack developer and occasionally I get involved in tutoring young talents through AROBS internship programs. For sure, in 2020 the biggest challenge was work-life balance. The pandemic forced us to work from home and in the first few months, there wasn’t a clear line between work and personal life. For the e-pharma was also challenging but it dragged us from the comfort zone, made us adapt and grow professionally. As for new plans, I learned that I shouldn’t run after objectives. It’s much more important for me to do my job happily and always be open to learning. I just want to grow technically, get myself out of the comfort zone and become a better consultant."

AROBS IoT team

Bettina Ș., .NET Software Developer

"My journey at AROBS started in 2018 when I got accepted into the Xamarin internship. By immense luck, I got into a neat juniors’ team which turned into a great experience. Then step by step, bug by bug, I made my way through ranks, and now I am a Mid Software Developer in the Life Sciences& IoT department. The IoT domain has plenty of challenges. It happens often to come across a task that might be tougher at the first glance, so what I usually do is close my eyes and I assign it to myself. And then I instantly regret it. But luckily, the team I am part of is made of awesome people. Either through a small chit-chat or in a meeting, the issues are discussed and the outcome is always a hint or a possible solution that usually works. Working remotely and having only online meetings made a dent in my sanity. Even though professionally the workflow was not affected by much, bug fixing and the reviews were not quite the same. Overall I think I'll appreciate more the small social encounters from the office. Not sure if a challenge, but for sure I missed the social interactions. For 2021 I just want to keep growing. I don't have any specific milestones or targets to reach. I will just do my best, try to challenge myself whenever it's possible, and try to not give up easily."

AROBS IoT team

Vlad M., .NET Software Developer

"At this point, I can say that AROBS represents my whole career. I started my journey as a software developer here, in 2015, after finishing my second year of college and an internship. Two years later, I was offered the chance to experience the e-pharma domain in the Life Sciences&IoT department. Today, I am grateful to be a part of a dedicated team that is making a difference in bringing health and wellbeing sciences to a new level of efficiency through technology. Working here brought me closer to what I have always wanted: having a significant purpose in my work and contributing to technological change. Besides that, I appreciate and am grateful for each one of my colleagues. I have people to learn from and I am not only talking about technical skills. Every life experience that is shared inside the team, becomes a lesson from which you learn something valuable. I would say the most challenging part of 2020 was dealing with sudden change and I believe many of us would have a similar response. In my case, the hardest part was having to restructure and regroup in a mechanism that was already working so well. There’s always that part in which you are not able to find the balance you once had. This, combined with switching to a more complex system on the technological side, challenged my skills, but in the end, made me realize that growth is not possible by remaining in your comfort zone. In 2021, my goal is to challenge myself at least as much as last year. I am planning to give back more of what I learned all these years in AROBS and contributing actively to the growth of the team."

AROBS IoT team

Iulia C., Software Tester

"What matters is that I work in an extraordinary team with friendly, energetic people that put a lot of passion into work and from whom I learn a lot. Also, working on an e-pharma project means I contribute to the process that helps pharmaceutical companies create cures for different diseases and of course, the vaccines that we all need so urgently right now. I arrived in AROBS with the wish of changing the nature of my activity. From 10 years in telecommunications, I chose Software Testing in IT. I can’t say it was easy, I had moments when I felt like I can’t do things right, but I kept my head high. Now I believe I’m doing a great job with my team and it was all worth it. 2020 came with two big challenges – one of them, working from home with two kids and a dog. Sometimes was even funny when my calls were interrupted by my little girl asking questions. The second challenge was changing the team I used to work with. I didn't quite know the people, complex processes were going on, like data migrations, integrations, and things that I wasn’t familiar with. But in the end, it turned out for the best. I learned things I never would have thought I could, and I’m currently having a great team. We help each other, work hard and laugh even harder. In 2021 I will hopefully get my ISTQB Foundation certification and keep doing my job at a high level in the Life Sciences&IoT team. I’m sure I’ll encounter situations that train my creativity and analytic abilities."

Claudiu M., Software Developer

"My IT career started in 2017 when I joined the AROBS internship. NET. After that, I entered the Life Sciences&IoT department as a .NET Developer and began to work with e-pharma projects. Being at the beginning of the road and facing a complex project, every day I had a new challenge which brought me lessons on a professional and personal level. Today it’s satisfying to see that your work brings visible outcomes to the project. The support AROBS offered me grew me professionally and personally. And at the same time, I met people that became my friends besides being co-workers. Last year left a print on things. I had to adapt to working from home but also advanced in my career. That brought extra responsibilities but also great lessons. In 2021 I just wish to go back to the office, evolve as much as possible in my field and learn new technology."

As our colleagues highlighted, the feeling of making a difference through your work, can give you purpose and drive more than anything else.

AROBS  Life Sciences&IoT team has been collaborating for years now with major stakeholders in the e-pharma industry, as well as developing IoT software for clients worldwide.

If you are looking for a job that impacts lives, working in Life Sciences&IoT technology might be what you’re looking for.

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