Founded in 1991, Berg Software is one of the first software companies in Timisoara, working for clients in Manufacturing, Retail and Office Automation. With 30 years of expertise and several thousand completed projects, the company is active mainly in international markets, in two primary business directions:

  • Software outsourcing
  • Custom software development

Software outsourcing

Berg Software provides flexible access to software skills for customers in the software and IT industries, especially in international projects involving multiple technologies.

For 30 years, the company has been providing dedicated software development teams and team expansion solutions for major software companies. When our customers need to increase their impact, we offer them additional resources.

Our team extension services add speed, flexibility, and scalability to your customers’ software development. We know the challenges of a dynamic, ever-changing business environment, and we always support our customers in providing value to their end-users.

Custom software development

For entrepreneurs, we provide support in digitizing basic processes. We develop customized software products, turning from ideas to final software products.

In general, automation and digitization can increase the speed and scope of business. But the digitization of basic processes scales exactly the unique strengths of customers and the outstanding value they bring to the market.

Berg Software has expertise in:

Custom software development

  • Resilience

Once the software planning is done, we focus on the end goal and are tireless in execution. Berg Software covers several long-term areas of expertise that support each other. We deliver accurately and constantly support our partners, regardless of challenging environments and times. Customer success is also our success, which permanently motivates us to help them.

  • Agility

At Berg Software, we think on the go and adapt quickly. We strongly believe that human interaction and collaboration are significant ingredients for software development.

  • Technical skills

Work ethic and excellent technical skills enable Berg Software’s professional teams to provide the best software solutions. We cover multiple technologies (beyond just web and cloud) for different industries (production, retail, IT, data storage, etc.).
Whether you want to expand your team or develop a software product from scratch, we have the solutions you need.

  • Soft skills

Family, friends, and the pleasure of being are essential parts of the work-life balance. We are a company based in Romania but with a German heritage, which shares European values (freedom, equality, responsibility) and European culture (foreign languages, arts, openness). Because we firmly believe that work is as enjoyable as the people you work with.

Berg Software’s expertise in multiple industries can be best through several case studies:

Malware detection

Description: For a client in the DACH region, we developed an application that runs on an enterprise’s datacentre storage systems (SAN) and does real time monitoring of the SAN I/O activity. It employs an advanced AI solution for anomaly detection that allows blocking malware from corrupting enterprise data.

Challenges: Since malware can hit in many different forms and have a heavy impact on the final user, we had to:
  • Provide a powerful solution that protects against all threats (both known and new / unknown).
  • Ensure the best malware detection accuracy, while keeping false positives at minimum (or zero).
  • Deliver real-time detection and protection that spans across the whole SAN network.
  • Keep SAN performance unaffected.

Technology stack: Java, NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, Hazelcast, Docker, REST endpoints, AWS virtualisation, Machine Learning.

Retail for auto industry

Description: The client, a major car manufacturer, and its associated bank need a common platform that can be deployed for various purposes, without producing multiple versions. It is very important to provide comprehensive functionalities by transforming project requirements into features, such as:
  • Vehicle configurator
  • Financing options
  • Storage of financing offers
  • Price and instalment calculations
  • Marketing model tree
  • Web analytics

Challenges: As a global solution to be implemented and tweaked across multiple markets, our platform has to face major challenges, such as:
  • High level of availability, scalability and security
  • Extreme load reaching thousands of requests per second, millions of requests per day
  • Multi-market, support for different countries and regions
  • Responsiveness
  • Display mandatory legal information alongside a financial instalment
  • Continuous integration
  • Change management

Technology stack: JEE, Oracle DB, Glassfish, REST, SOAP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Maven, Gulp, React, Angular, Jenkins, Docker, Selenium.

Biomedical & Robotics

Description: For our US-based client, a multinational company in the field of biomedical testing (diagnostics, life science), we developed an advanced clinical automation module for biomedical labs that can be tailored according to multiple specific needs.

Challenges:In a biomedical context, both the narrow error margins and the complex technologies raise epic challenges:
  • Reach the absolutely best throughput of processed samples available on the market..
  • Design a modular, adaptable and easy to maintain platform that can easily fit each lab’s independent requirements.

Technologies: NET, C#, Microsoft, WCF.

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