AROBS at MWC Las Vegas 2023: the Latest Trends in Connectivity

Mobile World Conference (MWC) Las Vegas 2023, North America’s largest and most influential connectivity event, attracted leaders and innovators from the tech and communication industry, and among them was AROBS, one of Romania’s leading software development companies. Silvan Morariu, our Head of Automotive, proudly represented our team in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This event offered numerous networking opportunities, bringing together global technology leaders, and facilitating valuable connections and discussions.

With over 14,000 attendees from 83 countries, MWC Las Vegas was an exciting platform for insights and collaborations. Just imagine the future of connectivity. Mats Granryd, the Director General of GSMA, the global organization unifying the mobile ecosystem, captured the essence of the event with a powerful statement: “We find ourselves in the largest technological revolution in human history. Four times bigger than the Industrial Revolution. We will need as many explorers, innovators, and, yes, all of your business minds, too, to lead the way in a world where anything is possible.”

What are the new opportunities? How can we innovate across sectors? What are the changes necessary to allow this transformation? The event centered on the keyword “velocity,” signifying the need for a purposeful and forward-looking direction amidst this technological revolution. It’s about charting the course for this potential future and focusing on where we want to go.

Connectivity Trends Discussed at MWC Las Vegas 2023

AROBS joined effervescent discussions that were at the intersection of connectivity and mobility at MWC Las Vegas 2023. The event opened the doors to some of the most notable trends, including the emergence of neutral host business models, the increasing prevalence of 5G private wireless solutions, the role of OpenRAN  (Open Radio Access Networks) technology, and the expanding applications of private wireless in various sectors, from factories to healthcare. Here are some of the most important topics that were discussed at the event:


Automotive & Transport

One key focus at MWC Las Vegas was smart mobility, with discussions centered around sustainability, efficiency, and automation in the transportation sector. The 5G technology will heavily influence the smart mobility sector.

The recent US Federal Communications Commission ruling permitting the deployment of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology highlighted the significance of 5G in these sectors. The number of connected vehicles will surge, and 5G will drive new applications in vehicle-to-network, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication, enhancing entertainment, information, navigation, and over-the-air updates.

5G’s potential extends beyond the automotive engineering services sector. The expansion of connected services, enabled by cloud and edge computing and artificial intelligence, offers exciting opportunities.



There is a new wave of promotion for eSIM services. While eSIM-equipped devices are becoming more common, consumer awareness of eSIM remains low, with less than 30% of consumers in major countries being familiar with it, according to GSMA Intelligence research.

A recent report forecasts that the 5G IoT market will surge from US$3.6 billion this year to an estimated US$55.1 billion by 2033. This rapid growth has led to concerns about the capacity of our existing infrastructure to handle the increasing data load from various connected technologies.


Business Optimization

Private 5G networks will be crucial for various industries’ digital transformations, including manufacturing, healthcare, government, military, commercial real estate, transportation, education, shipping ports, hospitality, retail, warehouses, and smart cities.

Market leaders use private 5G networks in manufacturing, the auto industry, and infrastructure projects to transform operations and create value. These networks help solve critical business challenges, improve customer experiences, and drive innovations, contributing to a new industrial revolution. Private 5G enables smarter and more sustainable facilities, factories, and cities, with examples including real-time factory automation, autonomous vehicles, and future highway development.



Fintech innovation, driven by technologies like Cloud and AI platforms using APIs and favorable regulations, is reshaping finance with lower market entry costs. Blockchain tech speeds up fintech solutions, while Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), Web 3.0, and NFTs push boundaries.

Fintech also ushers in digital-only propositions, putting pressure on traditional players to transform and cut costs. Continuous innovation is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge, especially in insurtech and embedded payments. Another point of pressure is that fraud is increasing, with scams causing $8.8 billion in losses.



In the ever-changing realm of telecommunications, the security of networks is of utmost importance. As we embrace the era of 5G technology and the rise of Open RAN, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address potential vulnerabilities and threats accompanying these innovations. Comprehending risks and defense approaches is vital for network operators, equipment manufacturers, cybersecurity solution providers, and government agencies.

The main discussions on this topic offered valuable insights into the risks associated with modern networks and mitigation strategies.



In a world grappling with climate change, escalating energy costs, and growing demands for responsible business practices from shareholders, the urgency of addressing sustainability has become increasingly evident. During the event, discussions ventured beyond network infrastructure efficiency, delving into energy implications, strategies encompassing cloud and edge computing, passive infrastructure sharing, and intelligent energy analytics.

Future-proof Software Solutions

The fusion of connectivity and technology is reshaping industries profoundly, and the future promises even more significant transformations. We can look forward to a more connected, efficient, and innovative future by staying tuned to the latest technologies and embracing responsible innovation. With evolution in mind, AROBS specialists are ready to develop high-quality, future-proof software solutions for your business, so let’s get in touch!

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