AROBS Engineering at The Industry Space Days

Where can you find hundreds of aerospace experts in one place? You’ve guessed it—at The Industry Space Days (ISD) organized by European Space Agency.

The Industry Space Days event is an excellent opportunity for the European space community to meet and discuss potential business. Our colleagues from AROBS Engineering were present at this year’s edition that took place between the 11th and 12th of September in ESTEC Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

During the event, we had the chance to engage in insightful conversations, intensive networking, business to business interactions. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our expertise in embedded software at the exhibitor’s booth for the Romanian aerospace projects and create important connections that will help support upcoming aerospace projects and businesses. We discussed with ESA experts about software opportunities for the newest processors for space, LEON 5 and RISK 5.

Another important moment from the event was The Evening of Romanian Software Experts, which took place at the Romanian booth and gathered all the Romanians working for ESA or for the consortium’s companies. We were pleasantly impressed by the size of the Romanian team working on ESA programs.

Together with other Romanian software partners, AROBS Engineering is currently a member of the two biggest ESA missions, Clear Space and Space Rider. Furthermore, AROBS Engineering Office in Germany became a supplier for the ESA STAR System.

Our history with ESA

We are proud of our long history of developing complex onboard SW solutions for Space and being a trusted software partner for ESA’s missions.


ESA’s Euclid mission aims to map the dark universe’s geometry. By analyzing the shapes and redshifts of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, the project will explore the distance-redshift connection and the development of cosmic structures.
For the mission, AROBS Engineering provided SW services for scientific data processing, supplying defined self-contained processing units known as processing functions (PFs).

Space Rider

Space Rider (Space Reusable Integrated Demonstrator for Europe Return) is a futuristic uncrewed orbital lifting body spacecraft that aims to provide the European Space Agency with regular, affordable access to space.
AROBS Engineering ensures that the Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV) procedures are performed on the two newly developed Space Rider Vehicle On-Board Software components operating on the AOM (AVUM Orbital Module) and RM (Re-entry Module) onboard computers.


ClearSpace-1, the first autonomous ESA space debris removal mission, seeks to deorbit the VESPA Upper that was launched on May 2013 together with VEGA Flight VV02, which carried the Proba V satellite. The first operations plan calls for a 7-month period of time, with a drifting phase and about a 6-month rendezvous and capture period. Before the end of 2025, there will be an assisted disposal of the VESPA Upper Part.


Unibap is a new company already launching satellite constellations to serve diverse consumers with “Cloud-in-Space” services.
AROBS Engineering’s Software onboard image compression algorithm (for hyperspectral pictures) was chosen and deployed on the Unibap satellites.

Looking towards the future

We are proud of our ESA special history, and we are happy that we had the chance to join our partners at The Industry Space Days. ESA plays a huge role in space exploration, and we are excited to be involved in the Space Rider and ClearSpace-1 future projects.
In November, AROBS Engineering will be present at The Ministerial event hosted by ESA, where we will learn about its plans and objectives for the following five years.

Stay tuned for future insights!

Photo Credit: European Space Agency

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