AROBS launches AROBS Engineering following the completion of the transaction with Enea AB Sweden

Cluj-Napoca, July 14, 2022 – AROBS Transilvania Software (BVB: AROBS), the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, announces the launch of AROBS Engineering, following the completion of the takeover of the business line and the Software Development Services team from Enea AB in Sweden at the beginning of June this year. AROBS Engineering comprises approximately 160 specialists in embedded technologies located in Bucharest, Iasi, and Craiova, as well as in Florida, USA.

Since signing the transaction in April, we have planned to collaborate closely with the new colleagues who have joined the AROBS family by creating an independent organization that incorporates their services and specific experience in the services they provide, with full focus on embedded systems. AROBS Engineering means a mix of global embedded skills for partners in high-performing sectors – medical, aerospace, marine, industrial IoT, electronics, fintech, and more. The management team of AROBS Engineering is a high-performance and very well-structured one; therefore, I am confident that this partnership will be beneficial both at the group level and for our clients. In the medium and long term, AROBS Engineering’s objectives focus on increasing the company’s position in North America and Western Europe and expanding its client portfolio,” stated Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

In April of this year, AROBS Transilvania Software announced the signing of the transaction through which it took over entirely Enea Services Romania SRL and, implicitly, the business line and the software services development team of Enea AB together with the US operations (local contractors and clients). The value of the transaction amounted to 17.9 million euros. Marius Duțu will manage AROBS Engineering together with the other members of the management team. Marius held the position of CEO before AROBS took over the company. 

We are delighted to be part of the AROBS Group, and we are confident that we will continue to develop new successful embedded software projects together. Over the company’s more than 20 years of existence, we have gone through two such integration processes, following the acquisition by Adecco in 2006 and Enea AB in 2008. I am convinced that the third time (the third transaction) is a charm. AROBS Engineering will become a benchmark in the coming years in developing embedded software regionally and globally. Our team and colleagues’ experience at AROBS will support the diversification of services and software solutions that will benefit our partners worldwide. Technological progress never stops, and for this reason, it is important that we never stop and constantly develop and adapt our services and software solutions to the latest requirements in all economic sectors,” stated Marius Duțu, CEO of AROBS Engineering.


About AROBS Engineering

AROBS Engineering provides premium embedded software development services to clients in 15 countries in Europe and North America. The company’s client portfolio comprises globally significant medical, aerospace, marine, and industrial IoT players.

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About AROBS Transilvania Software

AROBS Transilvania Software is the largest tech company in Romania listed on the Bucharest Stock Market. AROBS provides software services and solutions in various industries, with about 70 partners of the Software Services business line located in Europe and America and more than 10.000 customers of the Software Products business lines from Europe and Asia. AROBS is present in 10 locations in Romania and seven abroad, and 950+ AROBS specialists build solutions for the future in the Automotive, Embedded, Clinical trials, Travel, IoT, Fintech, and Enterprise solutions.

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