AROBS Transilvania Software has been recognized as the 2021 Supplier of the Year award for Engineering Services offered by Continental

We are honored to announce that AROBS Transilvania Software has received the award for Best Engineering Services Supplier of Continental. For the past eight years, we have worked with Continental in building the vehicles and the mobility of the future, and this award marks an important milestone for our collaboration. Our partnership with Continental is based on providing top-quality software engineering services. As we stated several times, “our client’s success is our success.”

Out of 1300 strategic suppliers, only 11 were selected based on their performance, and AROBS is the sole winner of this year’s award for engineering services. Our Automotive team was appreciated for being firmly committed to projects, having excellent know-how, and delivering excellent results.

On this occasion, Voicu Oprean, our CEO and founder, congratulates the whole team that contributed to the partnership between AROBS and Continental: “Continental evaluated our team as delivering high-quality output and being a reliable and flexible partner. We would like to thank them for the award and to congratulate the AROBS team for their outstanding work!”

AROBS Transilvania Software is a top provider of automotive software engineering services

This award proves, once again, the top quality of the services offered by our Automotive Business Line. We have a large number of engineers in Romania, Moldova, and Hungary who use their creativity, innovation, and team spirit to create a smarter future.

Over the years, we have worked on several complex projects for top automotive industry players, and automotive software engineering services have become our top business line. Our vast experience, know-how, and determination have led us to create state-of-art solutions that have a real impact on the future of the industry.

We are thankful for our team and for the partners who have supported us throughout this journey, and we are honored that our work is recognized by Continental, a pioneer in automotive technologies and services. Today, we celebrate our success, and we look forward to a promising future.

Photo Credit: The image representing the award is courtesy of Continental.

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