Connected Cars: Cloud to Car Communication


If a few years ago we thought that connected cars or autonomous driving were concepts that belonged to a distant future, they are nowadays becoming a reality. The automotive software engineering services industry is rapidly evolving, and new technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and the cloud are revolutionizing this field.

Connected cars are vehicles capable of exchanging data with other systems—other cars, smart city systems, or other intelligent devices. This technology takes the driving experience to a whole new level.

Benefits of connected cars

As technology continues to evolve, connected cars start to contribute to safer and smarter traffic that eliminates many of the issues we nowadays face on the road. Some of the main benefits of connected vehicles are:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Personalized experiences for passengers
  • Dynamic routing
  • Entertainment features
  • Cost reduction—maintenance charges and repair costs

The role of cloud

To communicate with other systems, send real-time updates, and function properly, connected cars need to work with vast amounts of data. That’s where the cloud comes into play—the cloud has the storage capabilities and the necessary processing power to handle massive amounts of data.

Through Car to Cloud communication, the cloud can collect, process, and assign infrastructure data, map data, and data from other vehicles or third-party vendors. This way, drivers can obtain real-time updates on traffic monitoring, receive warnings if something is wrong with the car, or download over-the-air vehicle updates.

Working on an end-to-end cloud-to-car communication system

At AROBS Transilvania Software, we always keep up with the latest technologies and working towards creating a brighter and safer future. Our team of experts has extensive experience in delivering complex solutions for the automotive industry, including Car to Cloud communication.

Our goal

We are building a system that facilitates the interaction between the user and the car through car-to-cloud communication. This system takes the customer experience to a whole new level and leverages the latest technologies in the automotive field.

We provide customized software, hardware, mechanical design solutions and system testing for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

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