Talks about Life by AROBS- because communication is vital


Communication is the first vital step toward solving any challenge, but so is maintaining emotional health. We recently re-launched one of the most appreciated events organized by AROBS: Talks about Life.

The events are designed to offer direct access to topics and information that enrich and support our open culture and our continuous learning approach.

The first event of the 2022 series was dedicated to Emotional Health in professional life. Our guest was Domnica Petrovai, CEO of Mind Education & School for Couples and co-founder of the School of Trust.

AROBS acknowledges the importance of employees’ well-being at work as being essential in the long term, and our colleagues represent the most valuable resources we have.

Separating emotions from personal life is almost impossible

The event benefited from numerous in-person and online attendants. Domnica Petrovai addressed topics such as communication, anxiety, depression, burnout, and methods by which our nervous system can be supported. The Q&A session was dynamic, and our colleagues discussed many topics of interest.

Communication is a critical element for our emotional health, whether we communicate with our close ones or work colleagues. It is the primary vital support for our well-being. For this reason, we should not hesitate to ask for help when we feel like it, whether from a colleague or even from people with expertise in the mental health area.


A culture of involvement and focused on emotional health

AROBS is one of the IT companies that, over time, has created a culture of involvement in which team members are encouraged to talk about life at the office or other topics related to personal life, such as well-being and emotional health beyond the daily routine at work.

Because our first event from this series was a great success, we can’t wait for our next meeting. The following event will be focused on volunteering. Our guest will be Dan Jercan from CERT Transilvania, one of the most active Cluj organizations in reforestation and campaigns for the isolated communities in the Apuseni Mountains.

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