Fuel Operated Heaters and High Voltage Electrical Heaters Platform

We are a custom software development and engineering company and pride ourselves in having automotive teams of experts with extensive business knowledge. In addition to many other exciting projects, our Automotive Engineering teams contribute to developing vehicle components, such as fuel-operated heaters and high-voltage electrical heaters.

Perfected by software engineering services specialists, heaters are essential when using vehicles in cold areas or seasons. In essence, they ensure the cabin’s or engine’s heating, including advanced functions, such as remote control.

Fuel Operated Heaters

As the name suggests, fuel-operated heaters use fuel to generate heat that circulates through the vehicle system or is directed toward a specific area of the vehicle. Thus, they are beneficial in colder regions because they can provide warmth without depending on the vehicle’s engine or electrical resources.

Fuel operated heaters market is expected to grow as an economical and independent vehicle heating solution, given that heaters also address the cold start problem, such systems are a great advantage.

High Voltage Electrical Heaters

High-voltage electrical heaters use electrical resistance to generate heat, a high-efficiency system that produces very low to no heat losses. It’s an excellent solution for electric vehicles, indeed. However, they might consume battery energy storage when used in shallow temperatures, affecting their functionality range in very cold areas.

Recently, this component has often been integrated into electric and hybrid electric vehicles. At this point, EV are increasingly used to reduce carbon emissions. Consequently, the high voltage electrical heaters market is expected to grow consistently, reaching $11,7 bil. until 2032 with a CAGR of 22.5%.

Working on a software platform for remote heater control

Our team developed a customizable software platform for Fuel Operated Heaters used in various vehicle sizes – from small cars to utility vehicles, military trucks, or even cranes. The heaters can provide cabin or engine pre-heating based on the remote-control system.

Moreover, fuel-operated systems include embedded fail-safe mechanisms based on interior & exterior temperature sensors and optical sensors that monitor the state of the glow element. Hence, the platform allows managing two types of such heating systems – water-based and air-based.

Our Fuel Operated Heaters platform has the following main features:

  • Engine & Cabin Heating 
  • Remote temperature controller
  • Diagnosis based on UDS protocol
  • Safety mechanisms for the combustion process

From Working on Fuel Operated Heaters to Working on High Voltage Electrical Heaters

Our Automotive team’s expertise brought impressive results, as the software met the highest requirements and standards according to the project evaluators. As a result, our team received a new project opportunity: collaborating on a High Voltage Electric Heaters project.

The main contribution of our team was notable in what concerns:

  • Integration & Configuration of the Real-Time OS
  • Driver Implementation for Remote Control
  • ADC driver & decoder configurations for sensor data measuring
  • Integration and configuration of SBC for wake-up triggering and safety monitoring
  • Integration of 3rd party Libraries
  • Diagnosis based on UDS; DTC Manager
  • Service Layer: Parametrization and Calibration

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