How Multifunctional Displays are Shaping the Future of Maritime Operations

Unlocking the potential of oceans with multifunctional displays. Explore how custom software development is revolutionizing maritime activities.

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. While not all of it is navigable, the waters of the Earth have always been important to humans. As humans have looked to connect with other parts of the world, either for commerce or just out of curiosity, maritime activities have steadily grown. It is obvious that our ability to reach further is important beyond exciting maritime pursuits; it shows the critical role these ocean spaces play in our world and how it has built society over thousands of years. Custom software development is helping to unlock the full potential of what we can use oceans for.

Keeping in mind that looking out for our Earth and its needs, with the help of marine engineering we can use sophisticated navigation systems that guide massive cargo ships with pinpoint accuracy to real-time weather monitoring tools that keep sailors safe. All this power must be centralized somehow for more efficient use; this is where MFD (multifunctional displays) come into play.

Embedded Systems and Multifunctional Displays

Our main expertise is developing embedded systems for multifunctional navigation displays. While working with big names in the maritime industry we got to understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry. Our primary focus is creating and enhancing these systems to support a wide range of marine electronics, including radars, sonars, audio devices, instruments, cameras, and autopilot. Over the past 15+ years, we have collaborated with leading global players in the marine industry, delivering internationally renowned embedded systems that set the standard for performance and reliability.

Multifunctional displays (MFDs) could be seen as a central nervous system of modern ships, consolidating information and simplifying operations for a more efficient and safer maritime experience.

Awareness with MDFs

MFDs play a significant role in enhancing situational awareness. By integrating data from diverse systems like radars, sonars, and electronic charts onto a single display, MFDs provide a greater view of the surrounding environment. The captain and crew often find themselves in critical situations where they need to make informed decisions faster. Navigating congested waterways or encountering adverse weather conditions are significant challenges, and multifunctional displays make it easier to face those situations.

Digitalization with Multifunctional Displays and the Future

A report by the International Council on Marine Industry Organizations (CMIO) reiterates the importance of digitalization in optimizing maritime operations. Digitalization, as all companies know by now, is a must. MFDs contribute directly to this trend by creating a common workflow environment. Traditionally, crew members must monitor and interact with multiple standalone displays. MFDs consolidate this information, minimizing the need for constant switching and reducing the risk of human error. This allows crews to focus on essential tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity.


The future of MFDs is just as bright as its use now. AI integration could revolutionize tasks like route optimization and anomaly detection, eventually paving the way for autonomous navigation. Cybersecurity measures are crucial as connectivity increases. MFDs can help with sustainability concerns by optimizing fuel consumption and integrating weather data to avoid environmental hazards.

The Impact of on Marine Operations

For companies operating within the marine industry, multifunctional displays offer numerous advantages:

  • Single interface: By consolidating multiple functionalities into a single interface, these displays provide a view of all critical information, improving decision-making and helping the crew to make faster and more informed decisions.
  • Safety: Integrated systems enable real-time monitoring and alerts, ensuring operators respond swiftly to challenges.
  • Efficiency: managing marine systems is a complex task that requires lots of effort. Using multifunctional displays might lead to more efficient operations and reduced training time for personnel.

Having a partner who understands what is essential with those systems and is willing to help with the full involvement is a must. Companies in the maritime industry who are looking to integrate software for MDFs need to choose the right balance between expertise and dedication; this is what makes a difference.

AROBS Engineering's Expertise and Services

Our expertise is adaptable to various types of marine electronics. While working in the maritime industry, we have used our technological and business expertise to partner in developing famous international embedded devices for top global players in the field.

We adjust to different types of marine electronics made for fishing, sailing, cruising, and commercial use. Our main focus is reaching the highest industry standards in terms of performance, quality, and safety.

With our help, companies in the marine industry can deploy optimum products on the market safely and on time.

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