People of #automotive

Automotive software engineering services – it surprises even then-students that are now part of it. Looking back there are some things they wish they would’ve known before they started creating software for top global automotive brands.

It is always exciting to give a piece of advice to your younger self. It sediments knowledge and ignites gratitude.

The questions

So, we asked our automotive engineers two apparently simple questions:

  • One thing that you’d wish you’d known when you got into the automotive industry
  • One thing that you have learned here

Here is what the people of #automotive said

Florin, aka Fefe, embedded tester, 3 years in AROBS

“What I wish I`d known when I got into this industry is how a car works. And I don’t mean from the driver’s point of view, but from an engineering point of view, especially how the inside network works. To answer the second question, what was really surprising for me is how well I get along with my team. With them, I learned what a team means.”

Mihai, embedded software developer, 3 years in AROBS

“I wish I`d known more about the troublesome work that processes mean. I have worked on support, then as a freelancer before AROBS. The most important thing I have learned is to work in a team. It's very different from working individually.”

Mihaela, embedded software developer, 4 years in AROBS

“I wish I`d known that one day I’ll get into a car as a driver and say, this part was implemented by me. It is an amazing feeling. Also, one thing that I've learned here is that no matter how hard it gets, I am surrounded by people with whom I can really collaborate.”

Tudor, embedded software developer, 2 years in AROBS

“I’ve been working for 2 years in this industry, which is not a really long time, but what I wish I’d learn at the uni is how complex the projects get. Also, it would’ve done me a favor to know more about automotive standards and how important they are. On a personal level, I learned how to handle huge and complex projects that can last for years.”

Liviu, team lead, embedded software development, 4 years in AROBS

"When I started, I wish I’d known that automotive is more than writing code. You should have good testing qualities, but also communicational ones, because the teams are spread over the world. The most important thing that I've learned is that big success only comes when working together. If the people within the project or team are not supportive towards each other and the other team players, the failure is certain. "

So, dear student and future engineer of the automotive industry, turn these personal experiences into pieces of advice for yourself.

If you are just starting your career in this industry here are the tips


  • Do research about the industry and its most important standards like AUTOSAR, Automotive SPICE, etc.
  • Be resilient – know that it is not just about coding, documenting what you do along the way is essential
  • Do your research or talk to people who work in the industry about the basics of how a car works from the engineering point of view

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