The Collective Project

What makes a good specialist? Knowledge and passion for software development have a significant role, but nowadays, having entrepreneurial capacities and soft skills makes the whole package. 

AROBS participates in the Collective Project for the 6th consecutive year, collaborating with the University Babes-Bolyai. The edition of 2022 came to an end last weekend, where students presented the projects they worked on during the semester, assisted by their mentors and teachers from University. 

The Collective Projects is built on collaborations with the private sector, and from the beginning of the semester, it provides workshops for students from UBB. The themes chosen for workshops aim to help students grow their soft skills, entrepreneurial abilities, and agile software management capacities. Initially, the project included only the informatic section, but not long after, the mathematic section joined too. 

How was the project?


During the semester, students work in teams to create a project that will play the role of an exam in the session. In doing their project, students receive guidance from mentors assigned to each team. Mentors are specialists from different companies. 

This year, AROBS had five colleagues as mentors for 97 students out of 300 participants. Our mentors for this edition are all specialists in the Automotive industry. From their statements, working with the younger generations is inspiring because “students always developed brand-new ideas.” – Raul M. 

Luminița M. had her first experience as a mentor and declared she is already excited about her future mentorship.

“We had sparks at first glance. They immediately showed devotion, interest, and creative ideas.” – Adrian B. The first impression matters and the students made a good one with our colleague Adrian. 


One of the project ideas was an application called Happy Pill – to support people suffering from mental problems. The application is designed in group chats, personalized according to people’s affection. The group chats give complete anonymity to its users, creating a safe place where people can vent their thoughts and empathize with each other. 

Another interesting idea is an application to help you better organize your notes. Students worked on developing new features like adding an event or the event’s location. 

These are just a few ideas and thoughts we collected from the teams on the last day of the Collective Project. We are happy to contribute to the community’s growth and help students outgrow and start their careers. 

AROBS sponsored the Collective Project and will remain active in the following editions. 

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