The Importance of Holistic Digital Transformation for Modern Enterprises

In the race to stay relevant and competitive, businesses from all industries are investing in their digital transformation. From finance to healthcare, every industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Software development is at the heart of this change, and it’s no surprise. In fact, according to McKinsey, 89% of large companies globally have a digital and AI transformation journey underway.

While keeping up with the latest technological advancements has indeed become a necessity, many organizations start this process without taking into consideration all the complexities of this journey. This rush to adopt new technologies often fails to deliver the desired results. 

To help businesses overcome this challenge, our colleagues from Nordlogic have developed a complex strategy that holistically approaches digital transformation and helps companies reach their full potential.


This article will explore the importance of a holistic digital transformation process and the key elements that should be considered in every company’s digital journey.

The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation

The idea of holistic digital transformation was born out of necessity. Throughout their experience with both local and international clients, our colleagues from Nordlogic realized that offering custom software development services was not enough, and they needed to do more to help their clients achieve the business impact they wanted.

So, they developed a unique strategy for successful digital transformation based on four pillars:

  • Transformation of business processes; 
  • Transformation of business models business; 
  • Transformation of business domains; 
  • Cultural/organizational change.

A successful digital transformation strategy should consider all these pillars and use specific tactics that address all the facets of this complex process.

The Main Challenge of Digital Transformation

One of the most common challenges enterprise-level companies face is the software ecosystem’s complexity. These components, most often varying in technology, age, and support availability, are very difficult to replace or integrate with modern solutions.

Therefore, the first step of any company’s digital transformation journey should be a comprehensive analysis of its current state from diverse perspectives. This will act as a foundation for any future initiatives and for defining clear objectives and strategies.

The advantage of a holistic digital transformation strategy is that it considers the organization’s current software ecosystem and creates a transition between traditional systems and new technologies. This helps businesses save time and resources while also maximizing the impact of the digital transformation process.

Our Process

Our teams from AROBS Group understand the complexity of digital transformation and the need for a holistic approach. Therefore, our process ensures that our clients get our full support in all the phases of their journey:

  • Discovery: We start by understanding the client’s specific needs and identifying potential risks and opportunities.
  • Definition: We create a plan, validate it with the client, and then create a digital transformation strategy.
  • Development: We work closely with clients through their whole transformation journey, including services such as enterprise architecture and skills development training.
  • Delivery: Our clients get custom solutions that respond to their specific needs and can help them get the best results.

Final Thoughts

Considering the complexities of the digital landscape, businesses need to do more than just integrate the latest technologies. Digital transformation means redefining entire business processes, cultures, and strategies to thrive in the digital era.

If you’d like to kickstart your digital transformation journey, check out the Enterprise Software Ecosystem Audit and Diagnosis service and get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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